Christmas Gift Guide For Children 2020

Disclaimer: These products have been gifted in return for inclusion in this post. As always all opinions are completely my own.

If you are looking for lovely gifts for the children in your lives why not take a look at the suggestions below:

Gigantosaurus The Game, Paw Patrol Mighty Pups and Transformers Battlegrounds

Three new releases which are sure to bring joy and entertainment well beyond Christmas Day. In Gigantosaurus: The Game, players can team up with up to three friends to create co-operative adventures, hop in a race cart and discover whose dinosaur is the fastest and join their Dino buddies to help Giganto avoid extinction. Meanwhile, young fans of the hot TV show will love PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay as they explore Adventure Bay whilst using their Mighty Powers to save the town. Unlike the existing Paw Patrol game I love that this one allows co-operative play for two players. Designed for children aged three years and upwards both of these games will allow even the youngest children to experience success as they play. TRANSFORMERS BATTLEGROUNDS is aimed at slightly older children and therefore involves a little more skill, however I really love that accessibility is increased by the game having three levels – from beginner to tactical master. Players will love taking command of their favourite Transformers as they smash and blast through cities, deserts and Cybertron.

Buzz Toys Micro Jet

The size of this tiny jet, definitely doesn’t reflect its power. Able to fly vertically, horizontally and do tricks in the air, this is a small gift that really does pack a punch. With three different flight speeds, and a remarkably long control, range It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors – meaning that whatever the weather on Christmas morning a flight will certainly be possible.

Jellycat Medium Bashful Bunny Soft Toy With ‘Xmas Hugs’ Jumper

When I saw this gorgeous Xmas hugs bunny for the first time it practically jumped out at me as the ideal gift for 1st of December and Christmas Eve boxes. And then I realised I loved him so much, that I wanted one for both my children, my mum and my nephews. He is super soft just as you would expect from Jellycat and perfect to cuddle up to. The truth is that none of us know how we will be spending Christmas this year and I can’t think of a better way to send love across the miles!

Bickiepegs Peggie the Penguin Sensory Teether

This toy ticks the rare simultaneous boxes of both immensely practical and undeniably cute. From it’s fabulous clip designed so the teether isn’t thrown and lost to the fabulous design, it’s obvious that this is a product designed by expert. This is a gift that will be loved by little ones and their parents.

A Natural History Of Fairies

A Natural History of Fairies is without doubt one of the most magical books I have ever seen. With gold edged pages and beautiful illustrations, this is a book that goes into depth about the habitat, home, features and behaviour of a whole range of fairy species. The ideal book to encourage children to explore the world around them.

Jaques Let’s Play Bouncing Bunnies Wooden Toddler Toy

This is a toy that I fell in love with the second I spotted it. Ideal for both Christmas Eve boxes and Christmas Day itself, it is the perfect affordable heirloom toy for babies and toddlers. Whether you are looking for a cause and effect toy or to teach colour matching these bouncing bunnies are sure to be enjoyed over and over again.

Buzz Toys Thunder Glow Drone

Of all the gifts on my Christmas Guides, this is the one that will make the Bear smile the most on Christmas morning. She has long dreamt of a drone, and I’ll admit it’s taken me a while to find one I was comfortable with. This one is full of playability, yet not so large that it could damage anyone’s property if her flying isn’t we’ll co-ordinated. I especially love the lights that go around it and the fact that it has three flying speeds which make it perfect for building up confidence.

The Big Book Of Football

From players, to kits, to tactics and skills for on the pitch, The Big Book Of Football is the perfect gift for football fans this Christmas. Given that this is a book that A literally flies off my classroom bookshelf every time it is returned, I can think of so many people I would like to give it to, that I’m likely to need to buy multiple copies.

FourFit Mini 2 Tracker

If you have a child who is desperate for their own smart watch this could well be the ideal solution this Christmas. The FourFit Mini 2 has all the features of FourFit’s adult bands, just in a child sized package. Complete with step counting and sleep tracking, Bluetooth enabled and with rapid charging this is a gift bound to bring smiles from those who want to be just like mum and dad.

Buzz Toys Air-Ball

If you find yourself constantly saying “no football in the house“ this may well be a toy you want to consider this Christmas. A floating ball that can literally be played on any surface, from wooden floors and laminated to thin carpets – this is a fun toy that will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Dantoy Bioplastic Picnic Set

The quality of Dantoy’s eco friendly bioplastic range has to be seen to be believed. With muted colours and containing no harmful chemicals, it’s a fabulous choice for those trying to be eco conscious about their gifting this Christmas. Designed to be long lasting, their fantastic picnic set is sure to be enjoyed by all who play with it.

Buzz Snow

Ideal for children who benefit from sensory experiences, Buzz Snow feels like snow, looks like snow, can be played with like snow – but can be created whenever you like and doesn’t melt. Eco-friendly and non-toxic you literally need to add water to be able to play.

Puro Basic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones

As a parent, my children squabbling over who gets to listen to their shows and music in the back of the car, is something that really pushes my buttons – primarily because I know extreme upset from one or the other will undoubtedly follow. Whilst we’ve been using a pair of Puro headphones for a while, I love their new wired version, especially for longer journeys. The fact they are volume limiting, reassures me that their ears will be safe whilst the wired element means I don’t need to worry whether they are charged before we leave the house.

Stib’s Inspirational Jumbo Colouring Pencils

If I’m honest, there is very little that I don’t love about Stib’s fantastic inspirational jumbo colouring pencils. From their shape, which perfectly encourages children to develop a sound pencil grip, to their undeniable quality and that’s before I mention their fabulous messages. If you want to convince your child that they are incredible, these pencils are a great way to start.

Victoria’s Torton Tales

If you have a child who loves steam trains, Victoria’s Torton Tales make the ideal gift this Christmas. Beautifully written with gorgeous traditional illustrations these books are sure to bring smiles well beyond the Christmas period. They are perfectly pitched for parents to read to EYFS children, or for older children as they begin to gain confidence in their own reading skills.

Nerf Ultra One Blaster

For active children on a mission the fabulous Nerf Ultra One Blaster is hard to beat. It’s 25 Nerf Ultra darts can fly up to 36 metres through the air, making it ideal for a sibling battle. Homeschooling parents, will be equally impressed, simply attach the words/ phonics/ answers you are learning to fence outside and allow your child to shoot at the correct answer – there really has never been a way to make home learning more fun!

Mabel ‘Plush Character’ by Wrendale Designs

If there was ever a time we needed extra hugs now has to be it. Mabel is the ideal choice for delivering those hugs to adults and children alike, what’s more as she comes in her own canvas bag she is perfect for carrying everywhere you go. Soft, snuggly and just the right weight Mabel is sure to bring joy to all who love her long after the official Christmas period is over.


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