Christmas Gift Guide For Women 2020

Disclaimer: This gifts have been gifted in return for inclusion in this review. As always all opinions are my own.

If you are trying to find gifts to treat the women in your life this Christmas, why not take a look at our guide. We’re sure you’ll find something that both you and they will love!

Buyagift Overnight Luxury Break With Dinner For Two At Saltmarsh Hall

I think it’s fair to say that right now there are very few people around who aren’t in desperate need of a break. And whilst it’s difficult to predict the future and book a particular date, buyagift’s fabulous vouchers may just be the permanent solution – allowing people to gift immediately yet book at a later point in the year. In our house this pending visit is definitely causing excitement at a time when planning is difficult.

The Cosy Chocolate Company Taster Set

When it comes to hot chocolate tasting, I am somewhat of an expert – if only by default because of the vast amounts of it that I consume. From that experience I can honestly attest that The Cosy Chocolate Company’s Taster Set is not only excellent value but is also utterly delicious. Containing five separate flavours, milk, orange, mint, dark and salted caramel, this is a set that can’t fail to keep people smiling over the Christmas period.

The Little Book Of Scandi Living

After visiting Scandinavia last year, I fell completely in love with the way of life. As winter draws in I find myself thinking once more about how to make our life more Hygge and ways to have Fika with friends whilst maintaining social distancing. This gorgeous little book of Scandi living is full of fabulous ideas and snippets of information. It’s sure to bring a little bit of joy to anyone who reads it this winter.

Health & Her Self-Heating Sleep Masks And Aromatherapy Sleep Balm

It can be hard at times to switch off from the hustle and bustle of daily life, butt a Health & Her’s fabulous sleep products are a fantastic way to help you try to do exactly that. With self-heating sleep masks to relax your eyes and sleep balm to place on your pulse points, this is a gift that can truly help you give the gift of sleep to those who need it most.

Ravetta Designs Tiny Teardrop Turquoise Earrings

I have to admit that these beautiful earrings were love at first sight for me. They are the perfect size for everyday wear but beautiful enough to make a statement. The photographs don’t do their gorgeous blue colouring justice. Packaged in a soft pouch, these are sure to make any woman happy when she opens them on Christmas morning.

The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

In our family we are definitely still mourning the end of Downton Abbey; and especially those stunning Christmas specials. This fabulous cookbook book is the hint of glamour we all need in our lives right now, and the added photographs and snippets from the series really add to the glory of this fantastic book. This is a Christmas gift my Mother-in-law will love, and I can’t help but hope she decides to use us as her cookery guinea pigs once we can next go and visit.

Woods of Windsor True Rose Moisturising Hand Wash And Nourishing Hans Cream

With so much hand washing going on in the moment, this felt like the ideal treat to add to my mum’s stocking. Not only does it smell divine and leave your hands lovely and soft, but gifting it means than in a small way I’ll be helping to keep her safe over the festive season and beyond. It’s a lovely touch of luxury which I know will bring pleasure every single time it’s used.

Tesalate – The Swell Beach Towel

Tesalate towels are my absolute favourite. I love the combination of how little space they take up in my bag and how well they dry despite being so thin – but most of all I love the fact that when we are able to visit the beach they repel the sand. These towels are a huge hit with our whole family and the fabulous designs to choose from definitely add to their appeal.

MAGN!TONE BlendUp Vibra-Sonic Makeup Blending Brush

When it comes to putting on makeup, I am all about speed. BlendUp is therefore absolutely brilliant. It means I can apply makeup quickly whilst still doing it effectively because the vibrations of the brush blend my makeup meaning that I don’t need to. As huge extra bonuses, it takes no more room in my makeup bag than my standard makeup brushes and can be charged in two hours via USB.

The Flexible Family Cookbook

When it comes to our staple meals, I get very easily bored. Yet, at the moment especially my inspiration has definitely been lacking. The flexible family cookbook has changed that, because not only are the recipes easy to follow but they contain ingredients that I have in the fridge and cupboard already. These are not recipes that contain a million ingredients you can never actually find. They are recipes full of things my family like to eat that I can source quickly.

Miss Milly Mint Heart Necklace

Miss Milly has some absolutely beautiful products, but her mint heart necklace and pink heart earrings are definitely amongst my favourites. Their fabulous vibrant colours add a little splash of sunlight to just about any outfit, whilst their shape means they are the perfect way to tell someone you care.

Yankee Candle Unwrap The Magic Small Yankee Candle And Shade

There is nothing quite like scent for evoking memories, and this gorgeous Yankee candle designed for use on Christmas morning is guaranteed to do exactly that. On our house we’ll be burning one brightly, whilst my mum does the same in ours. That way whilst we communicate in whatever way the government allow on Christmas morning, there will be one experience we know we can share.

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream

At school right now we are washing our hands upwards of seven times a day. It’s important. It keeps us safe and our families safe, but it definitely isn’t easy on our hands. SEAMS hand cream not only smells absolutely incredible but it is incredibly effective. Despite our hand washing regime, it has kept my hands in fabulous shape and I am definitely looking forward to sharing that gift with friends and family this Christmas.

The Ribble Valley Gin Company: Exclusive Gin Truffles & Mini Gins Set

I’ll be honest, if you are looking for a gift that the receiver will swoon over, this mini set is hard to beat. It’s the perfect little treat to show someone you care. The mini bottles of gin aren’t only delicious but they also look beautiful, whilst the incredible truffles are fabulously decorated and really do add a touch of luxury to the set.

Hey Pots Soy Candle

Hey Pots were a new brand to me this year, but I have to admit that I absolutely love them. The pots themselves are fabulous quality and I absolutely love that you can not only choose from cacti, succulents and candles to go inside but that you can choose an image and personalisation to go on the outside. Because of lockdown restrictions we haven’t seen my brother’s family for quite a while and I know this is a gift that if we can’t be together this Christmas that my sister-in-law will treasure.

Live In The Light 3 Handmade Soaps & Dish Gift Set

Right now we all spend far more time than usual washing our hands, so there is truly no better time to gift this beautiful set. Why not turn an essential into a time where your recipient is reminded that you care every single time they wash their hands, and with a fabulous range of soaps to choose from you can be sure to find ones they will love.

Mum & You Just A Minute Sixty Second Face Mask

As every mum knows, there is never quite enough time in the day, and realistically it is often self-care that is the part of our day that is missed off. Mum & You’s sixty second face mask means that no longer needs to be the case. With the ability to work effectively, left on from anything between 60 seconds and 15 minutes, this is a product that means no matter what is going on in your life you will still have time to treat your face.

Emergency Chocolate Cake

I’m not exactly sure what classes as an emergency if a Pandemic doesn’t, so this fantastic emergency chocolate cake could not be more apt. Ideal for keeping in the cupboard for those times when cake is needed but a trip to the shop just can’t be justified this is a gift that is sure to appreciated by anyone who receives it.

Wrendale Designs Jolly Robin Scarf

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a colleague or a friend it’s hard to go wrong with Wrendale Designs. Their beautiful jolly robbin scarf is as soft as it is luxurious. Coming packaged in a delightful gift bag, this is a present sure to make any woman feel special this Christmas.

Cranes Cranberry Gin

Festive, cheerful and absolutely delicious Cranes Cranberry Gin is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever you decide to gift it to this Christmas. Handcrafted in Cambridgeshire in small batches and made from all natural ingredients, it sure to be a hit with both Gin enthusiasts and cocktail lovers alike.

Sweet Treats Gift Box

With so many of us currently separated from family and friends PostBoxed provides the perfect solution in their beautifully packaged letterbox friendly gifts. Their sweet treats gift box is a lovely pick me up both as a Christmas gift and as a ‘thinking of you’ gift at any time of year. The chocoholic in me loves the beautifully wrapped bars which remind me of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. For your chance to win a sweet treats gift box head to our Facebook page to nominate someone who deserves a treat!


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