Christmas Gift Guide For Teens 2020

Disclaimer: Some of these products were gifted in return for inclusion. As always all opinions are my own.

Always amongst the most difficult to buy for, no longer a child, yet not yet an adult – teens are both discerning and yet playful. Getting that mix right of showing them you can see they are maturing, whilst in their hearts they still want to play. Here are just a few of my favourite suggestions for gifts this year:

Curls 4 Girls Curlisious 19mm Clipless Curling Iron

Designed especially for girls who love curls, this easy to use curling iron makes it easy to put natural looking frizz free waves in even the straightest of hair. The innovative clipless design means that heat damage to hair is reduced because less pressure is put on the tips, making it ideal for those who wish to use it on a daily basis.

Neve’s Bees Lipbalm Set

The story behind Neve’s Bees is as fantastic as the products themselves. Created out of a nine year old’s dream to own bees, these are products created by love. The perfect way to encourage teens to follow their dreams and engage in self care whilst supporting a tiny business with a heart.

Jaques 15 inch Folding Book Style Chess Set

Ideal for those Teens who love to learn a new skill and a fantastic game way of getting them away from screens for a little waggle, this beautiful chess set is sure to be a hit. As with all of Jaques’ fabulous products, this is a gift that comes beautifully presented and hand packaged. The perfect heirloom gift from grandparent to grandchild that can be treasured through the years and passsed down from generation to generation.

Clothespin Clip Light

Cool, funky and just a little bit different, this fabulous little light is the ideal way to ensure teens don’t strain their eyes on dark winter nights. Whether they like curling up on the couch with a novel or reading in their beds this is a way to add a little bit of extra spark to their day. Easy to switch on and off, it’s a little gift that will bring a lot of light to someone’s day.

Buzz Nails

I am a big fan of nail art – especially at Christmas time or when we head off on a Disney cruise. I have to confess though that until I saw this fantastic set, I thought it was something only in reach of professional nail artists. This set really is a game changer though, as each little of Polish comes not only with a brush, but with a MicroPen, meaning teens can create nail art of virtually anything they can draw.

How To Draw Almost Everything

A compact book that will charm artists and beginners alike. Packed full of tiny illustrations that take readers step by step through drawing literally 100s of objects, it’s a book that is both inspirational and aspirational. Even to someone who mainly sticks to the drawing of stick men, this is a book that will make drawing lovely images actually feel achievable. In fact this is one gift I love so much that it may never make it off my desk and onto my teen’s.

Curls 4 Girls Curlisious 19mm Clipless Curling Iron

The digital heat control on this fabulous straightening brush means it’s suitable for any type of air. Suitable for young girls, right through to adults, this fabulous product literally straightens hair whilst brushing. The ceramic bristles mean that it has literally never been easier to head out feeling proud of your hair.

Haribo Hamper

If there is one think that my teen has definitely not grown out of as she’s got older it has to be Haribo. This Haribo hamper is therefore not only a sure fire hit, but has also become a Christmas staple in our house. This is one gift that no matter how grown up your teen is, they won’t say no to.

Taskmaster: The Board Game

Sure to be a hit with Teens who love to be in control, the fundamental rule of this game is that The Taskmaster’s word is final. Whether they are a fan of the TV show or not, this game is both fun and wonderfully accessible for all. It even comes with a trophy to present to the winner, guaranteeing family competitive spirit will be at its highest!

Kawaii Doodle World

Where most teenagers are concerned, there is something innately cool about most things Japanese, and all things Kawaii definitely come high up that list. This fabulously well presented book takes readers on a journey from creating individual images to producing a picture full of different Kawaii drawings. Thins one is sure to be a hit with anyone who likes things that are cute and cuddly.

Rubik’s Amazing Box Of Magic Tricks

At that difficult age, of no longer a child yet not quite an adult, creating Christmas magic can be hard. Finding something to ‘play with’ on the day that doesn’t involve a screen – virtually impossible. The undeniable coolness of Rubik’s products however make this box of tricks an absolutely fabulous choice. Created by Marvin’s Magic you can be sure of its quality and its appeal. Packed full of tricks that will amaze, baffle and entertain – this is one gift that will definitely not be remaining in the box on Christmas Day.

Kikkerland Pebble PowerBank

When it comes to essentials in any teenager’s life, their phone is pretty high up that list. When it comes to long journeys or on days out to visit family members keeping it charged is a must. This cool, sleek, pebble power bank can’t therefore fail to be a hit with even the most discerning of teenagers. Taking only one hour to fully charge the pebble, it makes the ideal addition to any stocking.

Rainbow Coloured Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle

This gorgeous puzzle definitely doesn’t scream old lady. Perfect for filling time away from screens in these challenging times we find ourselves, this fun colourful puzzle is a gift that will be enjoyed both over the Christmas period and beyond.

My JasmineJoy Coffee Face Scrub

Created by a brand set up from scratch by a teenager in lockdown, this coffee face scrub is a gift that will not only help them get into using a healthy skincare routine, but is a product that will show them just what teenagers are truly capable of. Gentle to the skin and suitable for most skin types, this is a product that smells as good as it feels.

The Positive Bullet Diary

Perfect for creative teens, the Positive bullet diary is the ideal place to both record memories and plan for the future. With plenty of space to both doodle and journal, it is the ideal place for teens to organise both their plans and thoughts. Beautifully bound, fabulously well laid out, and – as you would expect – it has just the right amount of positivity.

IMO Q4 Pro

The ideal starter phone for Teens, the IMO Q4 Pro allows teens to watch movies, play games, update their social media and of course contact their friends. IMO Q4’s dual rear cameras mean they’ll never miss that perfect Insta worthy shot, whilst it’s expandable memory means they have the ideal way to capture memories forever. A fantastic phone that is affordable for parents, yet doesn’t sacrifice features.


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