New And Upcoming Children’s Books You Should Be Buying (October/ November 2020)

Disclaimer: some of these books have been gifted to us in return for inclusion in this post. As always all opinions are my own.

I’m always worried that I will be miss out on knowing about exciting new books that are being released. If you are like me and like to keep up to date with new releases, this post is for you.

Key Stage One

Shy Ones

An utterly beautiful hardback book, which is perfect for introducing positive conversations about friendships between children. The book sensitivity navigates how some creatures are less outgoing than others, but that taking time to get to know them is well worth the effort. Gorgeous illustrations and a really powerful message.

The Girl And The Dinosaur

A wonderful story that shows that friendship can be found in the unlikeliest of places – sometimes a wishing star is all you need! With the help of a dinosaur she brings to life, Marianne discovers that her patience brings rewards that she could never have imagined. Utterly beautiful illustrations bring this powerful story to life.

Friends Don’t Like Roaring

I absolutely love this story; Friends Don’t Like Roaring is all about how to be kind to our friends. Told through the eyes of dinosaurs this is a book sure to captivate even young children whilst it’s message will resonate with those who are both young and old.

This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story

The ideal book for young children who are scared of monsters hiding under their bed. This Book Is Not A Bedtime Story, shows that monsters really aren’t that scary at all. Full of fun, energy and fabulous pictures it’s a story that will be loved by young children and their grown ups alike.

Calm Down Cooper

A story that can’t fail to mesmerise young animal lovers, this is the story of what happens when the owners go out and leave the pets in charge. When Cooper’s friend Pandy the pesky parrot arrives and decides to throw an incredible party, Cooper is left worry what will happen if his owners find out…

We’re Off To Find A Fairy

This is a book that is absolutely guaranteed to charm young children, as it follows a young girl and her family’s adventure to find a fairy. What makes this book truly magical how’re, is it’s about spotting the everyday magic in all of our lives. This inclusive picture book is a true find.

The Bear and the Moon

The perfect story to share with children who feel they have ‘been bad’ when mistakes happen. A story that on the surface is about a bear playing with a balloon, but which has a much deeper message underlying it – a message about accidents, mistakes, being kind to yourself and the forgiveness of others. A book that adults and little ones alike can’t fail to love.


Although I’ve listed this as Key Stage One, it is staying firmly in my year 5/6 classroom. Whilst an interesting and accessible story for younger children, the ideas within can easily be explored in greater depth and the utterly stunning illustrations make it an ideal text to use as a prompt for a piece of descriptive writing – after all, how well do any of us really know those around us.

Marney’s Mix-Up

In this delightful tale of friendship, Marney learns that even when others look different to him they can still make fantastic friends. A tale that encourages children to look deeper than the surface and look for similarities rather than differences.

Veg Patch Party

The perfect book to teach children about introducing rhythm to their writing, Veg Patch Party will definitely be enjoyed by children older than it’s intended age range as well as those within it. Bright, fun and colourful – this is a book that will bring a smile to the face of everyone who reads it.

Nina’s Amazing Gift

A story of friendship, fun and and adventure. When Nina’s best friend moves away she is convinced she will never be happy again, but when he sends her an envelope containing five brown beans in the post, she sets about trying to discover exactly what message he is trying to tell her.

Squishy McFluff The Invisible Cat: On With The Show

Funny, appealing and irresistibly charming – this is the take of a little girl and her invisible cat. Except, this is a little girl and an invisible cat who on a trip to the circus end up as performers rather than audience. All of the books in the Squishy McFluff series are fantastic and this one is a sure fire hit both with younger children and reluctant readers.

Samira’s Wish

A book that admirably combines ordinary family life and magic, Samira’s Wish is filled with delightful images and an even more wonderful story. When Samira’s grandparents come to visit she decides to make them breakfast, only the tin of beans she chooses to use isn’t exactly a normal tin… in fact it’s one that makes wishes come true.

My Grandma is 100

An uplifting story of a Grandma’s 100th birthday celebrations, this delightful story explores both the privilege and price of great age in a child friendly format. Lovely images and an engaging story, this book is particularly relevant for children whose grandparents live in Care homes.


Scapegoat is a powerful tale for children of any age, that tackles bullying at home. Sensitively written enough so it can be read to even the youngest children, this is a book that shows all children they have a right to be treated with kindness and what they can do if they aren’t.

Key Stage Two


Suitable from KS1 right up to KS3, this is a stunningly illustrated picture book that is definitely not just for little kids. Red explores how it feels to be bullied, and also how it feels to stand up to bullies both individually and collectively as a group. This is a book that should be on every classroom bookshelf.

There Must Be More Than That

Ideal for children in year two and beyond this is a book that would make a fabulous accompaniment to helping children understand the metacognitive process and be an excellent aid in helping them to develop a positive mindset. A book that is perfect for reading to the whole class but that work equally well to help an individual child who is struggling to find new ways of seeing the world.

The Boy In The Jam Jar

An ideal first chapter book, this inclusive chapter book features Dylan – a boy who loves football and learning about space. But Dylan’s hearing is deteriorating meaning that he struggles to communicate with his friends in the way that he used to. A book that should be in all school libraries so our children can realise the difference we can all make to those around us.

My Other Life

A fabulous short chapter book for anyone who has ever wished their life was different. With a protagonist who has spent much of her life in hospital with asthma, this is the tale of what her life would be like if she wasn’t always so sick. Powerful and insightful, this is a book that needs to be read.

Children Of The Benin Kingdom

The perfect way to bring a topic on Rainforests alive, Children Of The Benin Kingdom explores life in one of Africa’s most fascinating kingdoms. When Ada’s beloved Papa Eze becomes ill, Ada discovers things about herself that show her her true destiny. It is time for her to travel deep into the forest, and heal the divisions that are tearing the kingdom apart.

The Good Thieves

Katherine Rundell’s newest release will certainly not disappoint. With children firmly in the driving seat of this fabulous adventure, Rundell has created a character that is both inspiring and believable in Vita. Accompanied by three very unusual children, their adventures in New City will put them all at risk. A book that will have children and grown ups alike, clinging to the edge of their seats.

The House Of Clouds

Produced on Barrington Stoke’s fabulous yellow paper, The House of Clouds is yet another excellent read by the incredible Lisa Thompson. This beautiful story shows children that there truly is wonder all around… as long as they remember to keep looking for it. A story that children (and adults) everywhere wI’ll both relate to and adore.

To Liberty: The Adventures Of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

A fabulous book for children who dream of stepping back through time to other periods of history. Despite being a relatively short read, this is a book that draws a fabulous line between accessibility and detail. When Alex and his father move home to France, they don’t expect to be joining the French Revolution. In this powerful story Alex fights not only for his own freedom, but for that of France.

After The War

After The War, is a book packed full of hope. Set on the shores of Lake Windermere, this is a book that’s having read it whilst holidaying in the Lake District, I can assure you that will enable even those who have never visited to picture it’s incredible surroundings. Right from the first pages, where Palmer sets out the arrival of the boys from war torn Poland, this story creates characters who readers will care about ensuring they are gripped from start to finish.

My Friend The Alien

When Maxx sets of from his planet to discover how human feelings work he has no idea that getting home will be harder than he expects. It isn’t long before Maxx is feeling ‘Worry’ himself – you see Max’s spaceship is broken and he isn’t sure how he’ll be able to fix it. An ideal way to begin a conversation about our worries either as a class or with individual children, this is likely to be an invaluable addition to classroom bookshelves over the coming months.

Voyage Of The Sparrowhawk

For children who love adventure Voyage Of The Sparrowhawk is hard to beat. Set in the first Spring since the Great War the book follows Ben and Lotti through an epic journey of setting sail, being chased by the authorities and a few unexpected puppies as they search for lost loved ones and a place to call home.

Sequin And Stitch

Sequin and Stitch is a story off love, loyalty and the importance of family. It’s a book about tragedy and new beginnings, a book about a mum who deserves her turn in the spotlight, and a book about a girl who puts her family above everything else. Written on Barrington Stoke’s yellow paper this is the perfect book to engage less confident readers.

The Invasion Of Crooked Oak

The perfect story for children who love a good mystery. The Invasion Of Crooked Oak is fast paced, dangerous and packed full of fear. A book that will keep even the most reluctant reader on the edge of their seats as Nancy, and Pete and Krish set about finding out why people in the town are increasingly showing mysterious symptoms. Written on Barrington Stoke’s yellow paper this book is ideal for less confident readers.

Thor, Odysseus, Hercules and King Arthur

This fabulous Dyslexia friendly mini-series is the perfect accompaniment to any topic on mythology. The perfect way to extend children’s knowledge around topics they are learning in class in an easy to access grown-up looking format. I love that the text is broken up by pictures and is spaced well, meaning they are more accessible to those who struggle with larger chunks of text whilst still looking to all intents and purposes like the friends they are helping. The fact these books are printed on yellow paper further increases their accessibility.

The Way Past Winter

It won’t surprise any lovers of Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s other books, that The Way Past Winter is one that you should definitely read. Set in a frozen world this magical adventure will transport all who read it, into a tale of family, magic and resilience. A powerful heroine who will stop at nothing to rescue the brother she loves so deeply.

The Great Revolt

Historical fiction for children at its very best, The Great Revolt is set at the start of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1381. There are rebellions, armies of Serfs and battles with tax collectors – but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a story about history alone. Shown through the eyes of Tilda and her father, this is a story that will truly leave children understanding how it felt to be a child at the time.

The Story Theif

This retelling of a traditional African folktale, opens the eyes of children to a magical world where stories have the upmost importance. Kept in a special treasure chest, Nyame the sky god keeps them safely locked away – until that is an intelligent spider comes up with a plan to illustrate them. A fantastic sto day for reluctant readers in which illustrations break up the text.

The Miracle On Ebenezer Street

An enchanting Christmas tale, that can’t fail to sweep children along with it. The Miracle on Ebenezer Street is a modern day twist of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. The perfect book both for children to read alone or to read aloud as a bedtime story in December. This would make a fantastic addition to both classroom bookshelves and children’s Christmas Eve boxes.

Frostheart: Escape From Aurora

I always love books with a map in the front and Frostheart: Escape from Aurora has one of the best I’ve seen. This magical sequel to Frostheart is exciting, funny and filled with excitement. It’s the sort of book children will be desperate to share with their friends, perfect for children who enjoy action, adventure and a splash of danger.

Mina Mistry (sort of) Investigates The Case Of The Disgusting School Dinners

The perfect introduction to chapter books, this fabulous illustrated story is a chunky book with fewer words to the page. Ideal for allowing children to feel grown up and showing them that reading a big book is something that they can achieve. It’s a book that explores family relationships and diverse characters in a way that children – and especially reluctant readers – can relate to.

The Trials Of Apollo: The Towers of Nero

In this fantastic return to Percy Jackson’s world, The Trials of Apollo: The Towers of Nero is the perfect finale to this epic adventure series. Destiny awaits as the characters embark on a whole new set of adventures whilst readers learn whether Apollo can find his godly form and whether Meg will ever be able to face her troubled past.

Another Twist In The Tale

As a big fan of Catherine Bruton’s first book, this isn’t one I have been eagerly awaiting and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The story of Twill Twist (Oliver’s sister) is every bit as powerful as that of her brother. This is a book that completely immersed you in Bruton’s interpretation of Dickensian London whilst creating characters you genuinely care for. This is a book year 5s and beyond are going to love.

Mexique: A Refugee Story From The Spanish Civil War

This utterly delightful picture book tells the story of the 400 children who boarded the Mexique and set sail for Mexico, fleeing the violence of the Spanish Civil War. A story which explores how the current Refugee crisis has been repeated through history, showing children who face a similar plight now that they are not alone.


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