It’s A Duvet Kind Of Day….

It’s the first day of half term after what has to have been the most unusual term ever. We have sat in rows, had lunch in separate places, played in our bubbles using our designated equipment and washed hands seven times a day. We have done all we can to keep each other safe, and to keep our families safe.

Yet despite the craziness that we are living through there has been so much joy.

We have laughed, we have smiled, we have cheered in unison from our classrooms so the whole school could be heard together. We have learnt, we have played, we have been together.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I was given the choice – despite the risks – I would take them in my classroom.

And so I say this to you. All of you. Every single one.

Please follow the rules, and if you can be even more cautious than you are asked. Do not get tired of this long, hard slog. And believe me I know it is hard.

You see despite going into work each day and teaching my class, I have seen my grandad only once since March.

I have stayed away not because I don’t care, but because I do. Because hopefully by staying away – although we may lose this year together, it will allow us to have others.

We are still getting our shopping delivered and forgoing days out, it is weeks since we’ve seen our parents and months since we’ve seen our friends.

At home we have movie nights and go for rides on our bikes, We curl up on the sofa and read books and the children play with one set of friends. 

And we do this willingly.

Not because we are afraid, but because we want to preserve what we can do for as long as we can. 

Our youngest has just started reception – he is thriving there. Our eldest has just started year nine – she’s excited about beginning her GCSE courses. My class contains year sixes, they deserve their last year at primary school. 

So I ask you please, make your choices wisely. And remember that ultimately they can only allow cases to rise so high, before more restrictions are imposed.

The more we all follow them, however hard that might be, the longer we can keep hold of the things we do still have – and hopefully the sooner we can regain some of what is lost.

So today, I’ll cuddle the Lion and the Bear. 

We’ll have a duvet day, eat popcorn and watch movies. We’ll read books and no doubt catch a few Pokémon along the way.

And as we do so, we’ll be glad that we are making a small difference and hope that others are doing the same.


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