A Guide To Educational Gifts For Children – Christmas 2020

Disclaimer: Some of the products contained in this post have been gifted to us in return for their inclusion. As always all opinions about them are my own.

As both a teacher and a mum, I am passionate about giving giving children a love of learning; a desire to explore their world and discover new things. This post is filled with some fabulous gifts that I believe will do exactly that.

The Colour Monster

Based on the fabulous book by the same name, The Colour Monster is the perfect family game to encourage children and young people to open up about their emotions in a way that is both fun and accessible to all. Playing alongside them, adults can also use this as an opportunity to discuss their feelings, showing children that having big emotions is a normal part of everyday life.


This utterly fantastic book brings the world of the dinosaurs to life through the use of three coloured lenses. There could not be a better way to make reluctant readers desperate to engage with the text in front of them, as Illumisaurus takes them on a journey like no other across continents in the time of the dinosaur.

Simple Machines

There could not be a better way to introduce children to mechanical physics than this fantastic set. Packed full of simple machines for children to put together themselves this high quality set will enable children to explore how scales, axles, wheels, pulleys, gears and so much more work. Guaranteed to spark hours of fun and lots of interesting conversations.

Blue Planet II

Containing stories from the iconic BBC TV series, this stunning book explores life in the depths of our oceans. Perfectly pitched at children and accompanied by beautiful illustrations, youngsters will be introduced to sealife from everywhere from coral reefs and beaches to the open oceans. It’s a book that will fascinate both children and their parents.

Robot Factory

Perfect for budding engineers, this incredible kit will take young children step by step through the process of creating their very own robots. Accompanied with a wonderful story book which introduces them to the Omegas; a family of makers and engineers who are featured across the product range. Unlike many other robot building kits, what I especially love about this one, is that it gives children the possibility to Male not just one but eight different robots.

The Art Of Comic Book Drawing

Containing more than 100 drawing and illustration techniques, this fabulous book is perfect for comic fans young and old who would like to learn the techniques to enable them to draw their favourite characters. Creating an opportunity for children to perfect their skills and write stories to go alongside their superheroes, this is a book I know my children would be thrilled to find in their sack this Christmas.

Neon Glow Lights

Ideal for would be scientists, this is a kit which shows children how to experiment with neon pigments, UV lights and much more. From making their own luminous chalks which will glow on the street at night to gruesome figures to hide in corners so they can scare others in the house this is a set which cannot fail to both inspire whilst providing a whole host of fun.

Me And The World: An a Infographic Exploration

Packed full of numbers and facts that relate to the world around us, this is a book that children who love to discover new things will relish. From words to use in countries all over the world, to losts about best selling books and jobs that didn’t exist before the year 2000, it’s an eye opening read that will have both children and adults marvelling at its content.

The Amazing Tightrope-Walking Gyrobot

For children who love adventure, the opportunity to build a tightrope walking robot is hard to beat! After all, it opens up the opportunity to have all the fun of the circus in your own front room. It’s not only tightropes this fantastic Gyrobot can walk on though… why not test it on your arm, a table top, a cushion or even a piece of string… I promise your child will be impressed.

Geomag Mechanics

Ideal for creative construction fans, Geomag’s ‘mechanics’ sets allow children to experiment with magnets, create cannons, tracks and ball catchers. Sure to provide hours of fun and stimulation to children, these can be enjoyed individually or by siblings as the challenge goal has a two player option.

Hotwires: Plug and Play Electronics

With electricity being a fundamental part of the KS2 science curriculum, this set by John Adams is a fabulous way to give your child a head start. Children will love creating their own radio station, catching intruders with a cool alarm, creating cool sound effects and so much more. With over 100 experiments involving electricity to carry out, this is a set that will be providing fun long after Christmas is over.

Let’s Learn Shape Patterns

Not only are Jaques’ products always beautifully made, but they are equally beautifully packaged. They are the ideal choice for those looking for traditional heirloom gifts that don’t cost the Earth. This gorgeous shape set, is perfect for playing on the move; small, compact, easy to carry and wonderfully educational. It’s gift that will delight children and remind parents of their own childhoods.

Let’s Play Snakes and Ladders with Ludo

Another traditional game from Jaques, both Snakes and Ladders, and Ludo provide fantastic opportunities for subitizing – teaching children to instantly recognise how many numbers are in a small set. An ideal gift for children in EYFS or Key Stage one, that will not only provide them hours of fun but that will really help their mathematical abilities improve.


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