Chasing Perfection…

As I sit here, four days before the end of this half term, I am grateful for all that it has provided.

Firstly, we got back in the classroom…

And despite the portrayal of teachers in the media, I don’t know any actual, real-life teachers who weren’t utterly delighted to be back. It has been utter joy to see children learning in school, to watch the laughter on their faces as they play with their friends and to share their journeys as we work alongside them.

I got to start work in an incredible new school…

A school where every single member of staff’s passion for their job is evident. A school where the good in everyone is sung from the rooftops, a school where everyone is celebrated and accepted for who they are.

I am unquestionably lucky.

Every single day, I go to a job I love. I get to teach children, to explore new ideas, to relish the opportunities around me.

I am also, like my class and colleagues, utterly exhausted.

We have washed hands and kept each other safe. We’ve navigated other bubbles and kept our distance. We’ve learnt how to work in groups whilst sitting side by side, we’ve managed new routines in just about every part of our day… and we’ve done all this whilst doing our upmost to make children feel safe.

Children who have spent months out of school, have come back into that environment and given their all.

Our senior leadership team have worked miracles, as I’m sure have so many others around the country. They have made us and the children in our care feel safe. They have reassured us, that we are getting it right, even in this brave new world we live in.

Have I got everything right…

No, the honest answer is I’m sure I haven’t. As a mum and as a teacher I have a tendency to want to chase perfection at all costs.

As the year goes on and we learn to live in this new world, there will undoubtedly be tweaks I make to both my teaching and my parenting.

I’ll continue chasing that perfection…

But with the confidence that I am in a place where that perfection will be achieved together, as a team and with happiness right alongside it.

But for now, alongside my class we’ll get through to half term. We’ll rest, we’ll relax and when November rolls round we’ll come back fighting.

Into our classroom, right where we belong.


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