Mum To A Teenager

13 years has gone in a heartbeat.

It seems like yesterday we sat in the hospital awaiting your arrival. Fashionably late, you kept us all waiting.

But, boy were you worth the wait!

Those 13 years have been crammed to the full with Disney love. From trips to see the Mouse, to watching every film Disney has made, you have filled our lives with magic and wonder.

In some ways not much has changed from those days when you were small, you still love Stuffy more than life itself, and your biggest joy remains ‘your boat.’ You still love books and watching films, trips to the cinema and hanging out at home.

In others, you are changing every day as you become not a child but an incredible young women. You have strong opinions about what is right and wrong and aren’t afraid to tackle those whose values differ. 

I am no longer unquestionably right. In fact right now more often than not I am unquestionably wrong. I can only hope that one day you realise that all I have ever wanted is you to be happy.

This last year has been an interesting one, bringing with it both challenges we expected and those we could never have imagined.

You have soared whilst school has been closed, removed from the friendship challenges which made your life so challenging before. You have excelled at your school work, and once again become our fun loving girl.

As your return to school looms, I hope with all my heart that this year is kind to you – that you get teachers who take the time to understand you and friends who deserve you.

But most of all, I hope that this is the year that you realise how incredible you are. The year you realise that the world is there for your taking. The year that you believe in yourself the way we all believe in you.

Know always, that through the hard times and the easy ones we love you with all of our hearts.

That we are here cheering you on, that we will be in your corner whenever you need us.

As you become older, you increasingly have more freedom. As your mum this terrifies me and makes me proud in equal measures. You have come so far from that little girl you once were. I had so many fears when you were first diagnosed with autism. 

You have surpassed every one of those fears.

You have shown us the gift your autism is. You are passionate, independent and a force to be reckoned with. 

You are everything we hoped you would be, and so much more.

Fly high this year Bear, let the world see just how amazing you are.


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