Book Blind Date

Disclaimer: Some of these books have been gifted in return for their inclusion in this post. All are books I genuinely love and can’t wait to introduce to my class.

The rules of Book Blind Date are simple. Either place books individually inside an envelope or wrap them in paper or fabric. Then once the book is covered add a label giving clues about its content.

I like to choose books about topics children might not yet have discovered or by authors they have not yet read. But this is also a great way to engage children with texts that might have got tatty or with books that have covers that might not appeal to them.

The element of mystery and surprise means children can’t wait to see what is hidden inside.

Here are a selection of the books I’ll be included in Book Blind Date this year. Click here to download labels to set up your very own Book Blind Date.

A World Full of Dickens’ Stories

Ideal for introducing pupils to pre 20th century classic literature this fabulously illustrated book cannot fail to give them a love of Dickens’ stories. Perfectly pitched and beautifully illustrated this is a fantastic addition to any class library.


This is a text that is sure to impress young sports fans everywhere. With over 50 different sports covered this is a book perfect for giving children all the facts they could ever need. Ideal for both introducing them to new sports and finding out about favourites.

Skyward: The Story Of Female Pilots In WWII

An inspirational story with truly beautiful Illustrations. This is the story of three female pilots, flying in a man’s world. A book that cannot fail to show young people the true meaning of bravery whilst encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Guardians Of The Planet

A fabulous book for children who are determined to make a difference to the world in which they live. Full of simple ideas to help children become the eco-heroes of our world, this is a text that combines practicality and passion.

The Lost Book Of Adventure

If there was ever proof that beautiful pictures don’t need to come at the price of incredible vocabulary then this book is definitely it. This is a text that is easy to get lost in, imagining that you are lost on your very own adventure. This is a book that will make everyone – young and old – want to expand their own horizons and embark on an adventure.

Rise Up: Ordinary Kids With Extraordinary Stories

An incredible combination of real life stories of children who have made a difference and top tips to help other children do exactly that. The perfect way to encourage children to learn a new skill whilst showing them the value of that skill.

The Wild Way Home

A fabulous adventure story, full of courage, intrigue and danger. This is a text that will keep readers gripped throughout. When lives are at risk the stakes are high. Trapped a long way from home Charlie needs to decide what he will do next. 

The Space We’re In

The true story of the power of love. Although Frank often wishes that mum still had time to do the things she did before his little brother Max was born, Max’s struggles with the world around him mean that isn’t the case. When tragedy strikes however Frank is determined to piece together a universe when he and Max can find away to be close.

Fizzlebert Stump

The perfect adventure to show children that sometimes the ordinary can be extraordinary. Fizzlebert Stump trades his life in the circus to join the library. The perfect example of how even the lives we think are exciting can be dull without friends to share them with.

Viper’s Daughter

For fans of Wolf Brother, the latest in the series cannot fail to be a hit. A story of friendship, determination and danger – Torak, Renn and Wolf must face an enemy more dangerous than any they have ever encountered…

The Chimpanzee And Me

Fabulous extended non-fiction. Presented in a novel sized paperback this stunning book is full of real life photographs depicting a programme to protect wild chimp’s in Uganda. Accompanied by Ben’s story of what it means to be a 21st century chimp, this is a book that will have animal lovers desperate to keep reading. 

Invisible In A Bright Light

Fabulous historical fiction set in the 1870s. Magical, terrifying and fantastically imaginative – this is a novel which will keep young readers on the end be of their seats as they wait in suspense to discover what exactly will happen next.

The Ship Of Shadows

Ideal for those who long for adventure. This incredible story contains a real life pirate ship with a crew of ruthless women. This isn’t just your ordinary pirate story though, it’s a tale of strength, trust and courage which is sure to inspire anyone who reads it.

My Name Is River

Set in the heart of the Amazon rainforest this is the story of a boy who is determined to save his farm. His mum thinks he’s on a geography trip, his teacher thinks he’s at home sick but Dylan is a boy on a mission. A story full of surprising friendships and a bucket load of courage.

Darwin’s Voyage Of Discovery

A fantastically pitched and beautifully illustrated version of Darwin’s voyage of adventure. This is a book that will introduce children to the natural world whilst hopefully inspiring them to have their own adventures in nature.

Brilliant Bodies

A fabulous way to get children intrigued about the science of our bodies. In bite sized chunks, accompanied by fun illustrations this is a book that imparts a lot of knowledge in a way that can’t fail to hook even the most reluctant of readers.

Adventures In Space

With its black pages and white text, this is a book that screams cool. Filled with incredible space facts and diagrams to illustrate them, it’s a book that can’t fail to take its reader on a journey more incredible than they ever imagined.

Forgotten Beasts: Amazing Creatures That Once Roamed The Earth

With it’s incredibly beautiful watercolour illustrations, this book is a true exploration of the past. Introducing children to creatures they have never heard of, it makes the perfect introduction to showing children just why we should never take our world for granted.


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