Fabulous KS2 Books Featuring Dragons and Vikings

*Disclaimer: Some of these books are gifted, many have been recommended by others, all are books I love.

If there is one thing I love as a teacher, it has to be seeing children who are fully immersed in their learning. Whilst their are many ways to achieve this, having exciting topic related books around the room for them to delve into and discover more can be a fabulous way to promote topic based discussion outside of lessons and to encourage children to become independent learners.

The below are list of texts that will be available in my room for pupils to discover more about dragons and Vikings as we begin our topic this term.

Odd And The Frost Giants

A magical trip into an unknown world – Odd and the Frost Giants is the perfect introduction to the lands of Norse mythology through a character whom children cannot help but engage with. Odd finds friendship in the most unlikely of places, reminding children they should never judge a book by its cover.

There Is No Dragon In This Story

It’s hard to imagine anyone – child or teacher – who wouldn’t fall in love with this story. Ideal for teaching across all year groups, it reminds children that they have the power to both create and change their destinies. A wonderful way to start the school year and show children they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Viking Boy

Gunnar’s journey is both exciting and inspirational. This is a story that will have everyone at the end of their seats as they follow Gunnar’s journey to Valhalla, followed by his equally important journey home. A book choc full of determination and adventure.

My Story: Viking Blood

A story that truly takes its reader back in time. Back to 1008 AD. A book which is full of heart as Tom discovers that sometimes there are even more important things in life than becoming a legendary warrior.


A book I love more every single time I pick it up – Dragonology is packed full of surprises on each and every page. From maps and letters, to ‘specimens’ of dragon skin – this is a text that children will want to read over and over again until they discover all of the secrets within its pages.

The 1000 Year Old Boy

This isn’t a story of someone wants to live forever. Instead it’s the story of a teenage boy. A boy who is desperate to find friendship, acceptance and understanding. Except he isn’t like other teenage boys, he’s 1000 years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England…

Dare To Care: Pet Dragon

The ideal book for anyone who has ever dreamt of owning a dragon. Complete with tips on how to choose the perfect breed, this cafe manual is sure to inspire some incredible pieces of writing on dragon care. It’s fantastic illustrations and clear use of presentational devices make it a dream teaching text.

Riddle Of The Runes and Way Of The Waves

Perfect for those who love a good mystery, this fantastic novel and it’s sequel follows Alva as she faces danger in her search for the truth. From investigating crime scenes to stowing away on a Viking Longship… Alva is determined to put her shield maiden spirit to the test.

Norse Myths: Tales Of Odin, Thor And Loki

A book whose illustrations are every bit as powerful as it’s text, this is the perfect introduction to Norse Mythology. Filled with a selection of different myths that take its readers on a journey with the Gods, this is a book can be enjoyed as a whole or by choosing one of the fabulous myths inside to study independently.

How To Train Your Dragon

It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t fall in love with Hiccup. In the first of this fabulous series he is determined to pass the dragon initiation programme and save every Viking on Berk. The only question is whether he and Toothless can pull it off and learn how to be heroes.

Ancient Games

Whilst we often here of the Ancient Greeks being the founders of our modern day Olympics, this fabulously illustrated book shows that there were indeed Games going on throughout history all across the world. Giving details of each, including those held by the Vikings this is a book that can’t fail to interest all who delve into it.

She Wolf

After the death of Ylva’s mother, she finds it hard to trust those around her. She is a Viking – supposed to be strong, independent and above all not cry. Her mother’s stories firmly in her head, Ylva learns to chart her own path through the world. A book that will truly keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Viking Voyagers

This stunningly illustrated guide to Vikings, breaks down each aspect of Viking life into beautiful and yet informative chunks. It’s a book that can be read from start to finish or dipped into at will as different areas are explored in class. A book that is invaluable to teachers and pupils alike.

Do Not Disturb The Dragons

This fabulously humorous text is sure to engage even the most reluctant of readers. Princess Grace and her Unicorn – Poop, live in Wondermere, a kingdom full of rules…. the most important of which is to never disturb the dragons. A chapter book with beautiful illustrations, this is a fantastic bridge for those who struggle with large chunks of text.

The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart, The Girl With The Dragon Heart and The Princess Who Flew With Dragons

This fabulous three part series is full of dragons, goblins, princesses and chocolate. It is sure to be adored by anyone who reads it. Ideal for readers who love a magical element to their stories, they will both delight and challenge their readers in equal measure.

Arthur And The Golden Rope

When a young boy named Arthur journeys to the land of the Vikings he expects them to save his town from the mythical beast which has injured even its bravest warriors. In the end though, whilst the God’s help, it is Arthur himself who is the true hero of the story. Fabulous pictures and a story guaranteed to engage.

Ancient Warriors

A book which shows the chronology of great warriors throughout history – this is a fabulous way of making comparisons between the Vikings and those who came both before and after them. Fabulous, clear illustrations and descriptions which will make children want to find out more, this is a book which needs to be on classroom shelves.

Vicious Vikings

What could be a better way of engaging children who love gore than Horrible Histories? Full of incredible facts and answers to questions that you didn’t know that you had Vicious Vikings is a must for anyone with a sense of curiosity.

The Dragon’s Hoard: Stories From The Viking Sagas

Containing eleven stories from the Viking Sagas, packed full of warriors and battles, mythical creatures and bravery – this fabulous book is packed full of adventures. Accompanied by fun illustrations which bring the stories to life this is a perfect way to introduce children to the Vikings and their beliefs.

What would you add to the list?


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