Finding A Balance

It seems impossible to believe that three weeks ago we could go out and walk about freely outside.

Because the truth is, as unlikely as it seemed when we started our journey in this brave new world, we are already used to our new reality.

We have settled into a routine, and found our new normal.

The days have their own pattern now, helped by our interaction with school. For me, that means setting tasks and supporting my students and their families on their home learning journey. For the Bear that means engaging with her teachers and working remotely. The Lion of course, is busy exploring the world, causing as much destruction as possible.

It’s a good job he has a smile to melt hearts!

We have got better at finding things to make staying home more fun, a sweetie delivery from a local company has meant the formation of mum’s sweet shop which sells goodies galore. The only catch is, you have to be nice during the day to earn the tokens to spend.

But the excitement of spending something you have earned means that so far that has been seen as a positive.

It is not plain sailing by any means.

There are times when all say things we don’t mean. 

And there are times when none of us have much to say.

We are following stricter rules than the government recommend, and are taking exercise in the house or the garden.

The Lion wouldn’t understand why we could only leave the house once per day, he wouldn’t understand that we need to stay two metres away from people – this way – for us seems safer. Though I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going more than ever so slightly crazy.

Like all parents who are working from home, I’ve found getting the balance between being a good mum and a good teacher right a challenge.

I am frustrated with myself daily because there are times when finding that balance seems impossible. I – probably like every other person in the land – verge from being immensely grateful for what we have to railing at the fates that have put us in the position we are. Maintaining an equilibrium feels virtually impossible. 

This weekend is the Lion’s birthday, he will be four years old.

The party we had planned and prepared him for has been postponed. He has handled it with grace beyond his years. Instead we will celebrate what he is calling ‘my small birthday with the germs’. We will FaceTime family so they can see him open his gifts. And the four of us will play pass the parcel.

His one birthday wish is stargazing, so right now, I hope with all my heart the weather is fine and the sky is clear. 

We all need a little luck right now.

Stay safe everyone x


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