How Can Your Save Money When Booking A Disney Cruise?

Now this one has to be a topic that is very dear to my heart, after all the more money I save when I book a cruise the sooner I can save to go on the next one. A Disney cruise is never a cheap holiday, but there are definitely ways you can get more bang for your buck. So where do we save our money:

Book An Inside Cabin

For us the biggest money saver is definitely booking an inside cabin, we spend relatively little time in there with the exception of sleep and can often pay as little as half the price of a veranda room. Whilst we would undoubtedly love a Veranda at times, the reality is that the children are far happier up on deck nine or strolling around looking for characters. And there is no doubt in my mind that for us two cruises rather than one mean it’s definitely worth sacrificing the veranda.

Grab A Placeholder

This one is relatively new to us. But if you are sailing on the near future it is well work bagging one, even if you are not sure when you will next cruise. You simply pay a deposit of $250 when you are onboard and this entitles you to a 10% discount on your next cruise plus $200 stateroom credit for your next sailing. As a UK resident the added bonus of this is that you pay the American price for your trip rather than the British one. Our last placeholder saved us over £1000 on the price we would have paid on the British website, which equated to a 20% saving. And that’s not including the onboard credit. Even better, if for any reason you can’t cruise in the 24 month period the placeholder is valid for Disney will refund it.

Book Onboard

If you know when and where you next want to cruise when you’re on the ship booking onboard is a great option, this means you benefit from the 10% onboard booking discount, American pricing and stateroom credit. It also means you might leave the ship feeling a little less miserable than we usually do when it’s time to disembark. 

Compare Prices

If flights are part of your booking – and especially if they are long haul ones to the US – it definitely pays to shop around. The cheapest options tend to be booking through Virgin holidays, who seem to get the best deals on flights, or booking directly through Disney and buying flights and pre-cruise accommodation separately. I usually try to get quotes from at least five different travel agents just to be sure. Prices can differ enormously, sometimes by as much as £2000 so it is well worth doing your homework to be sure.

Book Late And Grab A GTY Room

GTY rooms tend to be the cheapest option, but they only open up late and on specific sailings. If you can be flexible about when you travel and don’t care which room you sleep in they are a great option and often result in a saving of up to £1000 pounds. If we don’t have a placeholder (the two offers can’t be combined) these are a fantastic way to secure the best price for your cruise.


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