Educational Gifts For Children 2019

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As a teacher and a mum, I love gifts that children think are just fun but where I know that actually they are busy learning. It gives me enormous satisfaction when children become so engaged in a learning activity that they can’t wait to get back to it. Here are a few gifts that will do exactly that this Christmas.

My Discovery Telescope – £16.95

Ideal for would be pirates and star gazers alike My Discovery Telescope is the perfect size for little hands. With a 12 x optical magnification it is a fantastic way to encourage children’s interest in space. Lightweight and compact it will fit easily in even the smallest of bedrooms. This is a toy guaranteed to bring out the explorer in any child.

Archipelago: An Atlas Of Imagined Islands – £24.95

The English teacher inside me loves this book with a passion, because this is a book that cannot fail to excite and tween or teen’s imagination. A compilation developed by different international illustrators, the book depicts a multitude of imagined islands drawn and described by their creators. What better way to inspire the next generation of young writers than by giving them this incredible gift for Christmas.

The Love Writing Co. Complete a Learning To Write Pack – £26.50

Aimed at three to five year olds this fantastic learning to write pack contains an abundance of goodies to help parents encourage writing skills. Incredibly well thought out and beautifully designed, it will help build both skills and enjoyment in writing. The perfectly shaped and sized pencils are particularly lovely to see, ideal for developed a tripod grip naturally from an early age. This is a gift which is sure to benefit children long beyond the Christmas period.

Dr Maggie’s Grand Tour Of The Solar System – £12.99

Written by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (MBE) – a real space scientist this book is a fantastic way to encourage any child’s love of space. Containing incredible illustrations and beautiful photographs alongside a wealth of facts this incredible journey into the universe

World Map Pillowcase 80 cm by 80 cm – £14.95

Ideal for children who love to colour, this fantastic square pillowcase teaches children about the wonders of the modern world whilst also depicting animals, sea creatures and famous icons. A fantastic way for creative children to have input into the design of their own space, this pillowcase can be coloured in time and time again. Simply pop in a warm wash to allow children to create a new design.

Destroy This a Book In The Name Of Science – £9.99

The perfect fact finding expedition for children who don’t really like books. Destroy This Book In The Name Of Science is filled with bite size chunks of information, fascinating facts and oodles of tasks to make and do. The ideal companion for long winter days to ensure that the words ‘I’m bored’ are the furthest thing away from their mind.

Race To Infinity – £24.99

This fabulous game is the ideal way to get young children truly excited about improving their maths skills. Tried and tested on children aged between seven and nine in my classroom, Race to Infinity is a game that provokes both excitement and learning every time it is taken out of the cupboard. The perfect choice for parents looking to give their children collaborative learning activities they will love this Christmas.

Autism With Lola Playing With Bourbon Badger – £8.49 and Activity Book – £5.49

Jodie Isitt’s fantastic book and of course it’s accompanying activity book are sure to be enjoyed by anyone to receives them. Whether your child is Autistic, or has a friend, family member or class member who is, this book will help them understand a little more easily. As a child feeling different to your peers can be isolating, and Autism with Lola is a brilliantly inclusive way of showing children they are not alone and will be accepted for exactly who they are.

OjO Which Way – £24.99 and Shape Factory – £15.99

What I love most about Learn With OjO’s fantastic games is that they involve problem solving. Young children are invited to figure out the problem, create a solution and test it, in these fantastic, fun games aimed specifically at their age group. They are the ideal way to introduce maths and coding, ensuring children learn whilst having fun. Find out more about Lean with OjO’s Kickstarter campaign here.

Little Box Of Books – From £18.99 Per Month

For those looming to ensure cultural diversity in their children’s reading choices Little Box of Books offers a truly fantastic service. Sign up to receive between two and four books every month for up to six months and ensure that the child in your life continues to be delighted long after Christmas has finished. What’s more, the fabulous activities packaged alongside ensure that the books are truly brought to life for little readers.


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