Seven Ways To Incorporate Hygge Into Family Life

Whilst I want Hygge to inform my self care routine, it’s also something that I want to form a part of our family life. I want our children to have access to all of the incredible Hygge happiness tools that I have discovered so that they are equipped not only for now but for the future.

Bedtime Stories

Cuddling up under a blanket at bedtime and reading together has to be one of my favourite routines. And the truth is nothing could be more Hygge. It’s a ritual established to ensure calm tranquility, provide safety and security and one which is filled with love.

Board Games

I’ll be honest, prior to trying to establish Hygge board games seemed to have lost their place in amongst the hustle and bustle of family life. But we are really loving our new ritual of playing games one evening each week. It’s established a sense of togetherness, of connectedness and of presence. We all put our phones away for the occasion and it’s an event we have come to look forward to each week.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

As the cooler months draw in there is nothing I love more than surprising the children with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows as they come in from school. Sitting around our wooden kitchen table (which was passed down from my nana) it’s a great way to chat about our day as we relax together. 

Lazy Film Afternoons 

Pre-Hygge I definitely had a tendency to think if we were out and busy were happy. Introducing more Hygge style activities into our life has shown me that actually we are at our happiest when we are relaxing together. Sunday afternoons now often consist of us all snuggling on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn enjoying a family film. It’s been a great way to add more togetherness into our routine. 

Blankets and Snuggles

We are currently at the mid way through dropping the nap stage with the Toddler child, and to get us all through the day some down time is definitely needed. Cuddling and resting whilst watching a favourite show or reading a favourite book has been a fantastic way of introducing both Hygge and calm to our everyday life. 


Baking has been something I have always loved, and something that my Tween has definitely inherited from me. Standing around the kitchen, sharing the roles and trying out new recipes is something that we both love today. Even better of course is if it involves cake… after all what could be more Hygge than that. 

Sharing Photographs

Over the years I have become more and more conscious that despite taking literally thousands of photographs each year, I very rarely get as far as printing any of them out. This is slowly changing though as we all start focusing on happy times more often. Photographs of our holidays and others special days now adorn our walls and it’s rare a day goes by where one or another of us doesn’t stop to reminisce and remind us all of the wonderful time we had. 

For us thinking about how Hygge our family activities are and striving to make them more so has slowed down our pace of life. It has made us more present for our children – and them for us. It has been a gradual movement back towards old fashioned family values and a huge stride forward in making our family the close knit unit we would like it to be. 

We would love to hear your favourite Hygge family activities so why not share them below!


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