Christmas Gifts For The Under Sixes

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I’ll be totally honest, I am one of those really strange people who love Christmas shopping. And when that shopping is for children I love it even more. So here is a round up of a few of my favourites on the market this year.

Lully Bear – £59.95

Perfect for the very youngest members of the family, Lully Bear sings 23 calming songs to prepare babies and toddlers for bedtime. An ideal gift for those families who are keen to set up a relaxing bedtime routine early. What’s more Lully’s music has no breaks meaning there is no holding your breath and wondering whether your child will notice that their favourite songs have stopped. This is one gift that parents will definitely thank you for gifting this Christmas.

Fuzzikins Fuzzi School – £24.99

The Fuzzikins Fuzzi School is the ideal gift for those children who love to play teacher. This is a gift that I would have loved as a child! Complete with a three section, high quality pop up school complete with realistic school room furniture and displays I would be proud to have in my classroom, this play-set comes with four students and a Wise Owl teacher. The enclosed washable pens mean children can reinvent their characters over and over again, providing a fantastic creative element to this fantastic toy.

The Adventures Of Moose & Mr Brown – £12.99

This stunningly presented hardback book would make a perfect addition to any child’s book shelf. The gorgeous pictures are bright and colourful, and cannot fail to engage even the most reluctant of book lovers. But what I love even more than the fabulous story itself is how the characters in The Adventures Of Moose & Mr Brown are based on the author’s own childhood toys. Paul Smith’s book will be enjoyed both by children and older fans of his fashion designs alike, making it an excellent choice for gifting this Christmas.

Hape Solar Powered Circuit Train Set – £37.35

Compatible with all leading brands of wooden train tracks, Hape train sets are hard to beat in terms of both quality and value for money. This fantastic solar powered set is no exception. It’s expertly designed solar panels generate enough light to operate the train’s lights, a feature that is sure to delight budding railway enthusiasts as they push it around the track. The Hape Solar Powered Circuit Train Set doesn’t stop there though, and it’s fabulous station complete with clock, and cleverly designed tunnels are sure to make this a popular gift this year.

The Star In The Forest – £11.95

The Star In The Forest is a truly magical story. It’s a story that shows how one small thing can make an enormous difference to how we perceive the world. A story about excitement and adventure, and a tale that will delight parents every bit as much as it will delight their children. It’s beautiful whimsical illustrations are a definite highlight. The perfect bedtime story and a wonderful gift to both give and receive this Christmas.

Personalised Paw Patrol Books – £17.49 Each

There are few TV series that can compete with Paw Patrol. I mean, what could be more exciting than a group of dogs that save the world using their exciting array of vehicles? I’ll tell you what, giving your little one the chance to be part of their very own Paw Patrol adventure. These fantastic personalised books from Penwizard do exactly that, giving children the chance to join the Rider and the Pups to save Christmas, and even an opportunity to take their Daddy with them on their adventures.

Red Bus Reward Chart – £22.95

For families looking to start the New Year in a truly positive way, the Red Bus Reward Chart will make a fantastic Christmas gift. This stunning bright 3D bus comes complete with ten magnetic passengers and adhesive letters to help further personalise the bus. Whether families are looking to encourage trying new foods, promote a tidy bedroom or increase the reliability of potty training – this is a tool that will help make that fun.

The Dinosaur Department Store – £6.99

The perfect book for dinosaur lovers everywhere. The Dinosaur Department Store follows Eliza Jane’s journey to choose a dinosaur pet of her very own. I mean why have a pet dog when you could have your very own dinosaur right? This wonderfully delightful rhyming storybook has charming illustrations that inspire hours of conversation between children and their parents.

Springlings Surprise – £8.99

With 12 different Springlings Surprises to collect, these cute little animals are sure to be a huge hit this Christmas. Each one comes complete with its own very special home that it can spring out of time and time again. And because these fantastic products are made by Little Tikes you can be sure that they are the perfect size for little fingers and made to withstand even the toughest play. Soft, squishable and infinitely loveable, it’s hard to imagine any child not adoring whichever Springling finds its way into their lap this Christmas.

Santa Socks: A Personalised Christmas Story – £19.99

The perfect gift for Christmas Eve boxes, Santa Socks puts children right at the very heart of their own Christmas adventure. This delightful story takes children on a sleigh journey to work alongside the Elves from the North Pole to save Christmas. A book that truly will delight the whole family, this book will especially excite children who love hearing their own name in stories. As an added bonus for gifters, the personalisation process is quick and easy making this a truly effortless gift to give.

The Amazing Mystery Thomas And Friends Gift Box – £24.99

I absolutely love surprises, and as Amazing Mystery Gift Boxes are full of them, they are gifts that really are as much excitement for the sender as the giver. A brilliant way to purchase stocking fillers, these fantastic boxes are filled with gifts that usually total a value of over £40. Although the box sent to us was only a sample of what an Amazing Mystery Box could look like, I think you’ll agree that this is a gift that couldn’t fail to be loved by any Thomas lover. With a huge range of Amazing Mystery Boxes to choose from, you are are sure to find a gift you will love to give at their incredible store.

Hey Grandude by Paul McCartney – £12.99

This New York Times number one bestseller was written specifically for grandparents to read to their grandchildren. Hey Grandude is a book about incredible adventures, flying fish and dodging stampedes. It’s book about the incredible bond between a grandad and his grandchildren. But more than all of that, it’s a book that will transport children to a magical place and have them begging to read it just one more time, long after Christmas has ended.

AniMagic Scoot: My Follow Me Pup – £38.00

The ideal gift for young children who are desperate for a pet of their own, AniMagic Scoot will follow them around to their hearts content. Even better it will come when it is called, can be taken for a walk on a lead and even has 35 different sound and motion combinations – all of which add to Scoot’s lifelike appeal. Scoot is guaranteed to be your child’s loving friend and faithful companion, ready with a bark and wag of his tail whenever they want to play.


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