Christmas Gifts For Tweens 2019

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Tweens are both wonderful and yet challenging to buy gifts for. No longer children and yet not quite adults, getting the balance right can often be tricky. This post hopes to give you a few suggestions about what is out there to impress tweens this Christmas.

iBeani – £24.99

Perfect for the technology loving tween, iBeani is the perfect way to enable them to use their tablet comfortably wherever they are. Allowing them to balance their tablet steadily, iBeani makes researching homework tasks easier and quicker – no more holding the tablet in one hand and typing with the other – iBeani means both hands can type simultaneously. And the way to sell it to your tween? It’s allows you to get the perfect angle for watching YouTube and is ideal for streaming TV shows. IBeani really is a truly win win product.

Millie Marotta: Millie Marotta’s Brilliant Beasts – £9.99

Millie Marotta’s Brilliant Beasts is the perfect way to encourage relaxation for tweens. Packed full of incredibly detailed images of the best of her brilliant beasts from all five of her exciting colouring books. With 120 incredible pages to work through, this is one way to ensure it is a very long time before the words ‘I’m bored’ echo through your house. A gift that will delight both tweens and their parents alike this is the ideal gift for tweens who love their art.

urBeats3 – £59.99

Whether they are music lovers, YouTube listeners or fans of Podcasts the urBeats3 are a pair of earphones that are sure to excite any tweens. A brand long revered by young people everywhere for their coolness factor, their lighting connector means that they are also Apple compatible. Even better, their remote talk feature means Siri can be activated and asked for advice without them needed to reach for their device. Whilst those with smaller ears, the choice of eartips that come inside the box means that they can be sure of securing the perfect fit. If you want to be seen as the cool relative, these are definitely an excellent choice for a Christmas gift that will impress this year.

White Boat Washable Cushion – £24.00

Super soft and luxuriously white, this White Boat Washable Cushion makes a fabulous bedroom accessory for tweens who love their holidays. Handmade from 100% cotton they provide the perfect addition to beds and reading nooks alike, allowing tweens to feel proud of their own space, and giving them ownership of a small piece of their world.

Amp Up The Glow By Sleek MakeUp – £18

For tweens whose friends are wearing make up and parents who are keen to keep their daughter from looking grown up too quickly, Amp Up The Glow by Sleek MakeUp is an ideal solution this Christmas. Guaranteed to make girls feel like the Belle of the ball this is a set crammed full of products that really will make them glitter. The set contains a Highlighting Palette, Highlighting Elixir in Poppinʼ Bottles and Loose Pigment in Trance and a fabulous brush to make sure the application is as fantastic as the product.

Micro Gizmo RC Helicopter – £8.99

This tiny remote controlled toy is the perfect size for tween that want to put their piloting skills to the test. It’s minute, hand sized dimensions mean that it can be flown inside without fear of damage – ensuring you keep parents as happy as their tween. The Micro Gizmo RC Helicopter is the ideal ‘grown up’ toy to ensure that fun and laughter is had by the whole family on Christmas Day.

Board Games To Create And Play – £22

Ideal for tweens who love to create their own rules for games, this fabulous book contains 20 different board game designs, each printed three times. Perfect for adding twists and turns and correcting mistakes, the 25 rules provided mean that tweens have a structure and suggestions they can use to create a game that works for them without feeling tied into rules they know won’t work. Created by games developed games developers Kevan Davis and Viviane Schwarz Board Games To Create And Play has the potential to create real joy this Christmas. Even better as Vivian herself is Autistic you can be sure that the needs of our children have been taken into account.

Seal Snorkeller Ion8 Friends of the Earth 500ml Insulated Bottle – £24.99

A fabulous gift for environmentally conscious tweens, this stunning Friends of the Earth water bottle is both completely on trend and fantastic for the environment. Emblazoned with the message End Plastic Pollution it will give tweens a real sense of pride at making a difference to the world that we live in. A Gift sure to brighten the Christmas morning of any tween.

The Master Model Builder VIP Experience – £100 for up to two people.

If your child is a Lego fan then this a gift that is incredibly hard to beat. For one whole hour they get a private session to build a model of their own creation with the help of a Master Lego Builder. And, even more exciting they get to take it home. If you are looking for a gift that will provide memories that will last for years to come, this is the ideal choice. Why not check out our full review for more details.


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