Copenhagen With Children

We loved all of the ports on our first Northern European itinerary for different reasons. But Copenhagen in many ways feels a bit like the city that got away. All four of us were enchanted by Copenhagen in so many different ways and we would have loved to stay longer and see more. It certainly isn’t a coincidence that we are planning to sail out of Copenhagen for our next cruise so that we can spend a few days there before we do.

So, in one day, what did we get up to:

A Shuttle Into The City

Complementary shuttles from the port meant that it only took us around 15 minutes to get right into the city from the ship. The shuttle dropped us centrally which meant around a 5 minute walk to both the Disney store and the Lego shop and around another 15 minutes to Tivoli.

The Disney Store

You wouldn’t expect anything less right? Being the Disney fans that we are we love to check out  local Disney stores when we visit new countries, just to check if they have any products we haven’t seen. On this occasion we were hoping for Copenhagen related memorabilia, having seen quite a lot when we visited Barcelona earlier this year. Sadly though, the only items they had were some rather large Mickeys – and there was no way I could persuade the Other Half that I would be able to fit one of those in our suitcase.

That said, the staff were lovely and friendly. They also spoke wonderful English and were excited to hear more about The Disney Magic. It also didn’t stop us shopping, the Tween found a special edition Timon Big Feet that she had been looking for, and the Toddler managed to con us out of a Bullseye. 

Pastries At Holm

We all skipped breakfast on the ship in Copenhagen, after all we couldn’t go all the way to Denmark and not sample traditional Danish pastries, right? Not ones to stand on ceremony we leapt into the first large patisserie we could find, just a few short steps away from the Disney store. At a reasonable 12 krones for four pastries and three drinks we all thoroughly enjoyed our respective pastries from the huge selection available. In fact even the Toddler child ate the entirety of his, which is a sure fire sign that we found a winning venue. 

A Stroll To Tivoli

On route to Tivoli, we made several stops in souvenir shops where I primarily admired the beautiful editions of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales. I am yet to convince the Toddler of the worth of being careful with his books, so that’s one purchase I am saving for the future but if you have a child of the right age to buy for they are definitely worth taking a look at. My biggest purchase was actually on the way back from Tivoli, a gorgeous set of Russian doll coloured penguins which I plan to give pride of place to in our soon to be decorated living room. 

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens were without a doubt the highlight of our trip. Stunningly beautiful and utterly enchanting- it was easy to see why Walt Disney chose them to base Disneyworld on. Both children declared the time they spent there the best off ship time all week, which is definitely high praise from the both. It was a lovely, relaxing way to spend a day which definitely didn’t feel like we were in the heart of a capital city. For more information about Tivoli why not read the full post here.


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