A Review Of The Baastool Sheepskin Pouffe In Teal

*This footstool was gifted to us in return for this review. All thoughts and opinions within are completely my own.

I have to admit to being a long time fan of Baastool’s fantastic products. In fact I could probably go as far as admitting I swoon over them on a fairly regular basis. So when they offered to send us one of their fantastic pouffes to try out, I jumped at the chance. 

So What Do I Love About It?

The vibrant teal of this beautiful sheepskin pouffe has to come right at the top of my list of things I love about it. It provides the perfect splash of colour in my living room, making it a wonderful statement piece.

You really can’t resist sinking your feet into it, and actually just stroking it in general. It’s gorgeously soft, and if I’m honest, just feeling it makes me feel happy.

At 30 Cm high it’s the perfect height to perch on when playing on the floor with toys – making for a much more comfortable and less back breaking experience than sitting on the floor. In fact I have to say this point definitely comes with dual love as it means I spend more time playing with the children and I’m comfortable when doing it – it truly is a win win. 

It’s the perfect contrast to our dark wooden floors, not only in terms of colour, but also in relation to texture. 

Resting your feet on it feels decadent, like you are really indulging in self care and enjoying the moment – it fits in perfectly with our new Hygge philosophy of enjoying the little things. 

So What Would I Change About It?

I might come up with a way to stop the children fighting over it, both have declared that it is now their ‘floor cushion’, but in terms of the product itself I really wouldn’t change a thing. It’s exactly as we imagined it and is a universal success with the whole family. My only problem is that we are going to need to buy another one to stop World War Three erupting. 

Who Would I Recommend It To?

Because the pouffe comes in a total of nineteen different colours it’s hard to imagine a room where it wouldn’t fit beautifully. Whether you’re a busy family looking for additional seating, an adult looking to add an element of luxury to your life or a mum looking forward a comfortable way of getting on her child’s level to play – this really is the ideal choice.

In Summary 

The Baastool sheepskin pouffe is stunningly beautiful, exquisitely soft and decadently stylish. But more than that, each piece is unique, which can’t help it’s user feel special. It’s a product that will definitely not disappoint. Not least because it’s as practical as it is beautiful. 


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