Six Hygge Self Care Rituals That Can Easily Be Incorporated Into Your Life

I have always struggled with the concept of self care, simply doing nothing makes me anxious about the ever growing to do list sitting by the side of my bed. But Hygge has taken away a lot of that pressure, simply by realising I can take care of me in the little ways that work for my life:


I love candlelight, I always have. It’s cosy, it’s warm, it’s welcoming. In short it makes me feel happy. It seems the Danes love it too, with the vast majority of them saying that candles are a crucial part of their happiness and Hygge. In the UK, we primarily light scented candles which for those of us with allergies can be a challenge. The Danes however prefer pure unscented organic candles, something which has made a huge difference to me. Now as soon as the children go to bed I light a candle and relax for a while. I may be marking books, writing or simply watching a film. But whatever I am doing, doing it in candlelight definitely increases its Hygge factor. 


Those who know me well know that I love cake… in fact you only have to read the travel section of the blog or to follow us on Instagram to know that I often eat my way around the world in cake. Baking and sharing cake with friends at home is something I take great pleasure in too… There is nothing more relaxing than making a tried and tested recipe and nothing more Hygge than smelling it cooking in the oven. 

A Good Book

As an English teacher by trade imagine my delight when my foray into Hygge revealed that curling up with a good book was a fantastic Hyygeligt activity to do. Taking time to switch off from the world by losing myself in another is one of my very favourite self care activities… all the better if accompanied by another activity rich in Hygge – snuggling under a nice warm blanket.

A Mug Of Hot Chocolate

I’ll be completely honest, for me there is nothing more Hygge than a steaming cup of hot chocolate in a morning. It’s the perfect start to my day… well actually I’d quite happily take it as the middle and end of my day too. The simple joy of the warm mug in my hands accompanied by the delicious taste of hot chocolate. If you aren’t a hot chocolate fan, substituting for the hot drink of your choice is absolutely fine.


One of the principles oh Hygge is to really connect to those around you, and whilst I’m conscious of time spent on devices around the children prior to Hygge I was much less good at doing this. Now we regularly both turn off our phone, leave them on the side and just concentrate on each other. It’s a good feeling to reconnect with each other in the middle of a hectic week.

Snuggly Blankets

If there is one thing I compulsively buy I have to admit that it is gorgeous blankets, I absolutely love them! And as there is nothing more Hygge than being surrounded by lovely wooden blankets and wearing comfy socks I have to admit that I am in my element. After all this is self care that is easy to accomplish. 

What is your favourite simple self care ritual? Why not let me know below, I would love to hear.


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