Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen With Children

Of all the ports on our first Northern European itinerary Copenhagen was the one I was the most excited to visit. A large part of that was down to our planned visit to Tivoli Gardens. 

Rumours have it that Walt Disney based Disneyworld on the old fashioned theme park that is Tivoli Gardens, so I’ll have to admit from the outset that our expectations were high. That said the park met our expectations and went even further. The surroundings were beautiful, the food incredible and the rides perfectly aimed with our needs.

Booking Online

I had researched Tivoli prior to setting off and knew that their online booking system was the cheapest way to book. It also guarantees that you skip the queues to enter. All of that said, there were so many different ticket options that honestly I was so confused about what I needed that I opted to ask advice from the ticket operator on the day. For those of you considering doing the same she advised that the most cost effective way for us all to ride was to buy four separate standard tickets.

Although when looking online I had considered buying fast passes, conscious that we would have a limited amount of time in Copenhagen we definitely didn’t need these. I believe Fridays can be quite busy because of the free open air concerts in the evening but on a Wednesday in mid August the lines were so short it was like having fast passes. 

Good Value For Money?

At almost £150 for the four of us Tivoli isn’t a cheap day out. That said we all agreed by the end of the day that it had been good value for. Money. The lines were incredibly short – the longest we waited for any ride being around ten minutes – and many of them we were able to walk straight on. There was a great selection of rides we could ride on, even though our youngest is shorter than the 100cm barrier for many of the rides. From the big wheel which delighted all of us equally to the Hans Christian Anderson Ride that made us realise just how many stories he wrote and of course not forgetting the steer yourself boats – definitely an interesting challenge when your Toddler decides he is going to ‘ride’ – there really is something to meet every taste. 

All in all we spent over five hours in the park and were actively busy for the entire time. Both children declared that they had a wonderful day – high praise indeed for any port visit as both are always very reluctant to leave the ship – and as adults so did we. 

What Did We Love About It?

For those used to visiting UK theme parks, Tivoli could not be more different. It was unbelievably civilised, beautiful surroundings, classic rides, and most notably lots of open space and an absence of crowds. It felt like a treat, a lovely day out where we could enjoy our children without fear of losing them in crowds.

The rides we sampled were enjoyable for the whole family, and there were plenty of larger more exciting rides to choose from for those with older children.

The food was incredible and to be honest wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 5* hotel. With a wide variety of quick service eateries and restaurants to choose from there really was something for every taste. We opted for classic a Danish and definitely weren’t disappointed. For those visiting Tivoli – with or without children – the traditional Danish eateries are definitely worth checking out.

The staff were friendly, approachable and happy to answer questions. Their height restrictions were absolutely steadfast – our 99cm toddler was not allowed on the 100cm rides – but they declined us kindly and in a way that he understood. We honestly couldn’t fault them. 

Would We Visit Again?

Absolutely, so much so that our Tween is already keen to find an itinerary sailing from Copenhagen next year so that she can try out more of the rides. And if I’m honest the rest of us are equally as keen to return and discover even more of what Tivoli has to offer.

What Would We Change?

The introduction of a half day ride pass would be brilliant, especially for those visiting Copenhagen for a short period of time. For us the only disadvantage of going to Tivoli was that we loved it so much that it meant we saw relatively little of Copenhagen… just another reason to return again soon. 


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