A Review Of The Great Little Trading Company Star Beans Coffee Shop

*This Post Contains Gifted PR Samples

When we were asked if we would like to review the Star Beans Coffee Shop we jumped at the chance. It is small on size but huge in playability, and we knew right away that it would be a huge hit.

So What Do We Love About It?

Its size! Having moved house last year and sacrificed our large toy kitchen in the move, having an option that is portable and easy to store has been a massive advantage. It means the Lion can play with it whenever he wants, but that when evening comes around the living room can go back to being a grown up space.

The accessories it comes with are beautifully crafted and really realistic. We have been served many a cup of ‘coffee’ from its coffee machine and always have fun selecting our accompanying cakes.

It really encourages speech and language skills. From taking orders to delivering them, this is a toy that makes focusing of communication skills truly effortless.

The quality wooden construction means that it truly is a toy that will stand the test of time, yes even with children who aren’t the most careful. 

It is a fantastic way to prepare children for eating out a and making choices, as they already have the vocabulary and sentence structure available from their role play.

What Would We Change About The Star Beans Coffee Shop?

Can I have real cake? 

Honestly, the absence of real cake aside, this is a product that I genuinely can’t fault. Every time I look at it the level of detail amazes me. And whilst it isn’t the cheapest option on the market, the number of accessories and features it has make it excellent value for money.

Who Would We Recommend It To?

This would be a fantastic gift for any child, but for those who struggle with role play, this is a toy that can really help to make a difference. The detail incorporated makes it easy even for children who are very literal to use and enjoy. For those families who don’t have lots of space, this is an excellent choice which children are sure to enjoy time and time again.

In Summary

This is an excellent, well made and beautifully designed product. Perfect for those who want lots of playability without taking up a huge amount of space. It is a toy that will provide hours of fun both for children and their parents…. don’t be fooled by the realism though – there is no edible cake included.


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