Discovering Hygge

On a recent trip to Denmark we all fell in love with Copenhagen; the city, the food, the people but most of all the sense of Hygge.

Simply being in Copenhagen made us feel happy.

Now the truth is the sun was shining, we were on holiday, we visited Tivoli Gardens, we ate incredible food.. everything conspired perfectly to make us feel that way. 

And yet it isn’t always that way.

Copenhagen- like the UK – isn’t renowned for good weather. Yet it’s citizens are consistently ranked amongst the happiest in the world. The Danes it seems must be doing something g right.

Upon further investigation it seems that Hygge is at least partially responsible.

So What Is Hygge?

Although Hygge doesn’t appear to have a direct translation in English, perhaps it doesn’t need one. Because more than anything Hygge appears to be a feeling, a sense of belonging, of cosines, of contentment.

Sounds idyllic, doesn’t It?

So What Are The Crucial Elements?

Well if you ask our Toddler, he’ll tell you it’s about cuddling under blankets. And honestly, he isn’t far off the mark. Hygge is about appreciating the small things in life, taking things slowly, spending time with those you love and treating yourself with a little kindness. In short it’s self care epitomised but this is self care everyone can indulge in, because to indulge in Hygge you don’t need to spend money and you don’t need to leave the house.

In short for parents with busy lives and no childcare, it’s pretty much an ideal solution. 

What Are Our Hygge Plans?

The truth is I’ve always been fairly terrible when it comes to self care. I hate being prodded and poked at the hairdressers, would rather jump off a cliff than sit in a bar drinking wine, and have absolutely no intention of ever being submitted to a massage.

But Hygge sounds like a self care plan I can actually stick to. It’s about lighting candles on cold autumn nights, treating yourself to a pair of woolly socks, snuggling in blankets, treating yourself to good quality chocolate and spending time being present with your family.

See I told you it was good!

So over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be sharing our Hygge journey, as we work on everything from getting the perfect Hygge lighting in our home to playing board games with the children to indulging in some of our favourite books and box sets.

In short, I’ll be showing you how self care is possible for you. Yes you! 

Because do you know something, you matter, yes really matter.

And Hygge will give you the chance to be kind to yourself in a way that will work for you AND your family.


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