Easy Ways To Add Storage To Your Home

I have to confess that although I have tried to reign it in over recent years, I am somewhat of a hoarder. The Other Half on the other hand has distinctly minimalist tendencies. After spending years arguing about my clutter and his obsessive tidying of said clutter, we have finally come up with creative storage solutions that work for us as a family.

So if you are stuck in a cycle of wanting to be tidy, but have too many things to ever really achieve it, why not take a look and see if any of our solutions work for you:

Add stylish cube storage to wasted space

Our downstairs bathroom was far too spacious for our needs, so adding stylish cube storage that was taller than it was wide has proved a great way of organising our belongings. The perfect place to store both Juan’s toys and my ever growing teaching supplies without them taking over the house whilst keeping them easily accessible for daily use.

Consider under bed storage 

Under bed storage drawers can be a great option for utilising otherwise wasted space and helping to tame the clutter. Among other things mine is used for shoes, oversized school supplies and those clothes that I’ve worn for a short while – so don’t want to put them in the drawer – but not long enough to put them in the wash basket either. 

Bedding boxes don’t need to be for Grannies

I’ll confess, when the Other Half suggested getting a bedding box I was more than a little bit skeptical. After all, the image in my head was the pink velour number my grandparents had had as a child. I needn’t have worried though, there are some gorgeous ones available to choose from – ours came from Indigo – and has been a godsend for storing towels and bedding that we simply didn’t have any spare space for.

Turn a bedroom cupboard into a walk in wardrobe

If you are anything like me then unused cupboards quickly become junk mountains. In order to counter the inevitable of that happened, we’ve turned ours into a walk in wardrobe. It’s still a work in progress as we achieved this with items we already had, but I’ll keep you posted as it becomes a way to store even more items in an organised way. 

Think outside the box when it comes to bathroom items

Having previously had an airing cupboard in our bathroom, I was unsure how in our current home we would ever find space for the things it housed, especially as because of the layout there simply wasn’t room for a large cupboard in there. Instead we bought a large mirrored cupboard for over the sink for those items we needed to be out of reach and house bulkier items like toilet rolls in more cube storage on the landing.  

Whether you are considering budget friendly or luxury, it’s well worth taking a look at what’s out there. The right storage for your needs really can transform your home.


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