A Review Of The PuroQuiet Headphones From Puro Sound Labs

*This post contains PR samples.

If there is one thing my children argue about more than anything else, it’s that they don’t want to listen to whatever it is the other one is listening to – especially in the car.

So when we were offered to trial Puro’s PuroQuiet headphones I was delighted. Dreaming of peaceful car journeys and an end to arguments we were all excited to put them to the test. 

So What Do We Love About Them?

The fit on these headphones makes them perfect for younger children, meaning that they are happy to wear them because they are perfectly designed for little ears.

Their lightweight design adds further to the comfort factor, and is certainly something that has contributed to Lion’s willingness to wear them.

They don’t only provide great sound but they also cancel out the other sounds around. Perfect for when the Lion wants quiet and the Bear wants to listen to the car radio, and definitely a saviour for my ears given that this has been the single biggest factor in reducing in car arguments.

They are wireless, which means there is no getting tangled in wires and no inadvertently pulling out wires, which in our house has always been the biggest problem with other headphones the Lion has tried out. 

With 16 hours battery life, they are perfect for use on even the longest of journeys.

The volume limiting ear protection means that as a mum I don’t to need to be worrying that the Lion has turned the volume up without me realising. 

What Would We Change About The PuroQuiet Headphones?

Honestly, absolutely nothing. I mean, how many other products have you come accross that can silently reduce arguments in your car?

Who Would We Recommend Them To?

I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for a fantastic pair of headphones for a child. However, these will particularly benefit those children who also require their noise cancelling properties, especially given the fact that they are significantly more comfortable than the ear defenders traditionally used by children for this purpose. 

In Summary

Whilst in comparison to many headphones aimed at children the PuroQuiet model by Puro Sound Effects are expensive, they are undeniably worth the cost. The sound quality and battery life are both excellent, their wireless capabilities make for stress free usage and their noise cancelling properties are a game changer. But don’t just take my word for it, why not check them out yourself?


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