The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Those who have been following the blog since the beginning, you will know the difficulties the Lion has had with food, with feeling ill and of course with the dreaded vomit.

In fact in April things came to such a head that I asked you all for your advice.

As a parent I felt that we were failing him, that there were answers we hadn’t yet found, that there had to be a reason for his struggles and therefore a way of giving him the quality of life he deserved. We had exhausted conventional routes and you were our last resort.

A lady messaged and said that despite a negative Endoscopy, reflux medication had made a huge difference to her child.

Reflux – his original diagnosis had been ruled out after an Endoscopy at 12 months old. But armed with this new knowledge we booked an appointment to see a specialist, who agreed that re-trialling reflux medication seemed like a sensible option. After all – at that point vomit played a part in most days.

And the truth is that medication has been like a magic wand.

Since May the Lion has been sick once. Once singular. That is it. But even better, he now only very rarely feels sick. He is free to play to enjoy his days, to be the wonderful little boy he is.

And we his parents are free to enjoy him. To play with him. To organise activities for him to experience.

It is somewhat like stepping into a surreal new existence.

One we are more that grateful for.

We are no longer waiting for the sun to come up tomorrow.

Instead it shines all day long.


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