So You’re Thinking Of Going On A Disney Cruise?

If there is one holiday that I know is guaranteed to be a hit in our house, it has to be a Disney Cruise. So if you are thinking that a Disney Cruise might be for you, why not read ahead and see what you make of our top tips.

Think Carefully About Your Destinations

Disney sail to destinations across Northern and Southern America, the Caribbean and both Northern Europe and The Mediterranean. There are also special repositioning cruises, when the ships cross the Transatlantic and the Panama Canal. Also worth noting is that many of the Caribbean cruises stop at Disney’s very own Island Castaway Cay, which really is paradise on Earth.

Giving careful consideration to the type of locations that your family would enjoy, is key to ensuring the success of any trip, and a Disney Cruise is no exception.

Consider The Size Of Ship You Want

Disney currently has four ships in its fleet, the Fantasy and the Dream are its bigger ships, whilst the Magic and the Wonder are significantly smaller. Deciding whether you’re looking for the wow factor, and more facilities or a family atmosphere where over the course of the trip you get to know many of the people onboard is important. As a family we sailed first on the Magic, and that has since become our ship of choice. We have no personal experience of the other ships – quite simply because whenever we cruise, we choose to go ‘home’.

Decide What Length Of Trip You Would Like

Disney do trips from between three to fourteen nights. Personally we have cruised on seven night, ten night, eleven night, twelve night and fourteen night itineraries. Our favourite without any doubt are the longer trips, not only because we love being onboard and whenever we get off it is always too soon, but because for the children it gives them longer to feel at home, and the longer they have to build relationships with the characters and crew, the more they love their stay. Shorter trips, whilst still magical, typically have longer lines to see the characters throughout which can mean there is less time to truly play with them. 

Take A Look At The Number Of Sea Days

For us ‘Sea Days’ are why we cruise. We are all much less concerned (with the possible exception of the OH) about where we are going than spending time with the characters, so choosing an itinerary with lots of time onboard is really important. That said, we also love the port days, when everyone gets off the ship because then it’s lovely and quiet and really gives the children a chance to relax and enjoy the pools and splash areas whilst feeling less self conscious.

Investigate Extras

Whether it’s trips, onboard entertainment, on in room gifts, there are a host of extras you can check out to add a little extra pixie dust to your trip. Having a look at which are available on different itineraries may just help you decide which one to choose. 

One thing I can promise, is that whichever Disney Cruise you choose, you are guaranteed to have a truly magical holiday. And you will definitely make memories which will last a lifetime.


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