A Review Of The Storksak Noa, As A Teaching Bag

*This post contains PR samples

I am going to be totally honest, for most of my adult like I have been on the hunt for the perfect teaching bag. I wasn’t quite sure what the perfect teaching bag looked like, I just knew that surely someone out there must have invented a bag with enough pockets to ensure that the chaos that usually erupts inside my bag by day two of term was finally abated.

After 16 years of searching, it seems however that I may have found THE bag! The Storksak Noa, really is all of my dreams wrapped into one – and yes I know it’s supposed to be a baby changing bag, but I promise there isn’t a whiff of baby about it.

This is a bag, that is smart, chic and well, thought out. It is in short a bag that is going to have every other teacher in the staffroom swooning, and that’s even before they realise how practical it is!

So why is it perfect? 

Firstly and most importantly, it has an organiser which actually lifts out of the bag. This makes it perfect for teachers like me, who share a room and therefore need to carry many of their stationary bits and pieces with them. I get to class, pop my bag in the cupboard, my organiser on the table, and hey presto I have everything I need right at my fingertips.

The organiser itself has five external pockets and one large internal one, which means everything you see in front of you really does fit in, in an easy to access way. Meaning that no matter how many pieces of paper get dumped (and yes we all know however good my intentions are they will), my essential toolkit stays organised. 

Inside the bag itself is a large zipped pocket, perfect for my personal items, like car keys, purse and phone. Meaning that they can be popped safely in the cupboard without a need to carry multiple bags.

On the left hand side the insulated pocket – meant for baby bottles – is perfect for keeping soft drinks cool in the summer, perfect for those times when you simply don’t have time to nip to the staffroom.

What do I keep inside it?

I have my iPad, an Erin Condren planner, stickers, an assortment of pens highlighters from both Stabilo and Erin Condren – both of which I love when it comes to both making my planner look pretty and my marking look neat. Not to forget of course whiteboard markers, post it notes, tissues and pencil crayons.

I’m sure as the term builds up various bits of paper will also be added, but I’m on a real mission this term to be as paperless as possible, so will be taking photographs of those things I may need to refer to but that I don’t need a hard copy of and storing them on my iPad so that I can try my best to banish the clutter.

What would I change about it?

Honestly, I love it and it really does have everything I need. But hey, extra pockets couldn’t hurt right? A couple more zipped pockets on the inside of the bag would make a great addition to help store personal items securely.

Who would I recommend it to?

Honestly, just about anyone. Go, run, treat yourself. Trust me I have bought many many teaching bags over the years but nothing has come close to this.


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