A Review Of The Biscuiteers’ Handmade Biscuits

As regular readers of the blog will know, the Lion is more than a little fussy when it comes to food. So when the Biscuiteers got in touch and asked us if we would like to try out a box of their biscuits I jumped at the chance. He loves animals, and I knew the realistic designs would get him to at least consider putting these in his mouth – and in my eyes that is most definitely a win.

So What Do We Love About The Biscuiteers’ Biscuits?

Honestly, the truth is what is not to love. I fell in love right from the moment I saw their stunning presentation box.

But it certainly didn’t end there, with each biscuit being delicately hAnd iced, the attention to detail was incredible. The lamb was definitely my favourite with his little fleecy coat and gorgeous features.

We all loved the taste and felt that the balance of icing and biscuit really was perfect.

The real taste test came with the Lion however, it’s rare for him to take more than a nibble of new foods – but he managed almost half of his biscuit – with the Other Half more than happy to act as his dustbin. In fact the reason he’s not looking at the camera, is he’s busy keeping an eye on the neighbour’s cat, just in case it decides to steal his biscuit.

So What Would We Change About The Biscuiteers’ Biscuits?

The price tag of £40 a box makes them too expensive to buy every day. But whilst I’d love to say reduce that price, the reality is that you are paying for the time that goes into hand icing each and every biscuit. And as that’s what makes them stand out from the crowd, that is something it would be a real shame to lose.

Who Would We Recommend Them To?

Honestly, these passed the taste test of every member of our family, who all wanted to try them because they looked so stunning. I can’t imagine anyone buying these and not loving them.

In Summary

Whilst these are definitely not everyday biscuits, they are the perfect treat. And whether you are going to visit friends and family and want to take the perfect gift, or you have visitors coming and want to surprise them with something new, these are a fantastic choice.


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