Seven Reasons Why Parenting Can Be Compared To Hogwarts

As we strolled around our local Royal Horticultural Society Gardens today, the thought hit me as clear as day, that there are a lot of similarities between teaching at Hogwarts and being a parent. Yes I know, sounds a little random, right? But bear with me and I’ll take you on a tour of my thoughts:

The moving staircases means no-one ever really knows where they will end up…

Parenting often daunts me for exactly this reason, you make a decision and set off on your journey but actually you never really know where your decision will lead you or your child. I often wish I did indeed study Divinity and had a crystal ball that would show me exactly what my decisions would lead to.

Slytherins and Gryffindors need very different styles of teaching…

When I had my first child I lived under the assumption that second time parents knew exactly what they were doing. After all, they had been through this once right? So when I was pregnant with the Lion, I was pretty sure I had this parenting lark figured out, I figured I must have learnt some lessons through eight years of parenting the Bear. Only I couldn’t have been more wrong, and actually if Juan has taught me anything, it’s that in order to be the parent he needs I have to relearn everything I thought I knew. There isn’t one set way of doing things, we have to be as flexible and as diverse as our children.

You really will want to give the Dudley Dursleys of the world a tail….

When Hagrid, shuts up Dudley by giving him a tail in book one I really did want to clap my applause. There are few things as hard to deal with as a parent than seeing other children not accepting yours for the wonderful people they are. Unlike Hagrid, I have to at least pretend I am a calm, and rational adult. But inside there is nothing I would love more than to dole out a few tails.

The Professor McGonagalls in your life will be those you cherish forever more …

Those who come into contact with your child, and then go out of their way to find out the kind of people they are, protect them and at the same time push them to be the best they can, are few and far between, but just like at Hogwarts they really do exist. And when you find them, you really will remember them forever.

The right spell really can fix (almost) anything…

There is a way to solve every problem, a way to make every child feel better… you just have to look hard enough for long enough until you find it. In our house Disney and Fire Engines will go a long way to ease frayed nerves, and whether it’s talking about them or visiting them, I won’t deny that the effect is more than a little magical… 

As Albus Dumbledore says “It’s harder to stand up to your enemies than your friends’…

As a parent this is one that is more than a little bit important. I have lost count of the times that I’ve told my children, that ‘I am not everyone else’s mother’. The truth is a lot of parenting is about doing just that standing up talk in front of those you love and redirecting them on the right path. There is a huge part of me that loves saying yes, especially to my children. But there is also a voice in my head that let’s me know that as parents we also need to teach our children that sometimes there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. 

Leaving your child at secondary school holds just as much mystery as jumping through a brick wall….

I can’t imagine being a Hogwarts parent, especially if you’re a muggle and haven’t been to the school – your child jumps through a brick wall, hops on a train and you know little else about their world until they return home eight weeks later. This said, it often feels like secondary school as a parent is shrouded in equal amounts of mystery. Monosyllabic answers of ‘fine’ and ‘good’ and occasionally ‘terrible’ are very often the only insight I get into my daughter’s day. So maybe jumping through a brick wall isn’t that mysterious at all….

What parenting analogies can you draw between your life and Hogwarts?


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