What Do Teachers Really Do In The School Holidays?

It’s Friday evening at seven twenty. I write this post whilst lying on the Lion’s bedroom floor in the hope that soon he will drift off.

Today we broke up for the Easter holiday, and like parents all over the country I can’t wait to spend time with my children. We’ll explore, we’ll take photos, we’ll play and have picnics – we’ll make memories to store for when the time comes that they are grown.

And the truth is I am lucky. 

As a teacher I don’t need to worry about childcare or whether my holidays will stretch to cover the time off school.

But that doesn’t mean I am not working.

You see the thing about teachers – most of us at least – is that we’re always working. Whether it’s three in the morning or the middle of the holidays, it’s rare our classes leave our mind.

Since school finished today I’ve already sat and researched online planing tools – in a bid to keep more on top of things as next term progresses. 

I’ve spent the last week looking up nautical themed classrooms, I love to surprise my students on the first day back with something different, something fun, something special.

I want them to know I’ve missed them and I’m glad they are back when the first day of school rolls around.

This holiday, I will cut, I will stick, I will glue.

I will read books, make posters, design new tools for maths.

I will decorate our classroom, so that when they walk in on that first day of term they do so with a ‘wow’ on their faces.

In short I will do those things that make learning fun. I will create the things your children come home and talk about, I will make sure next term is a good one.

And I will do it not grudgingly but with passion. 

Because I am a teacher and I love what I do.

The truth is I could teach all year round. I don’t need the holidays.

But without them, I couldn’t be the kind of teacher I want to be.

Because during term time, my time is spent ensuring my students learn and that I help them do so. There is little time for anything else.

The holidays are when I ensure that they learn to love learning. The time I make sure that they know they can achieve great things.

And those things, they don’t come out of text books, they are crafted from the heart. 


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