Is A Disney Cruise Really Worth The Money?

I’m not going to lie to you, Disney Cruises really are crazily expensive. Yet although I almost have a heart attack every single time I book one, I still keep doing so. For us at least, that must mean they are worth the cost, and this is why:

Everything Is Included

I have to admit that for me, the fact that I can go on holiday and not worry about money whilst I’m there is a huge bonus. I love that the children can get up and have an ice cream, that we can grab as many soft drinks as we like, snack when we want to and eat some incredible dishes, without trying to keep on top of the cost. I also love that everything from the kids club to the entertainment is completely free. The shows on the main stage really are out of this world, and I leave each night mesmerised and knowing that I have Sen entertainment worthy of any West End Stage.

Something For Everyone 

When we step onboard a ship, we usually do so as three generations. Juan was only a year and a half when we first cruised with him, meanwhile Grandma at 60 was there to enjoy her birthday. I can honestly say that it was a holiday that worked for both of them, and for everyone in the middle. From character meet and greets, to wine tasting, from cookery classes to pirate parties, it’s a holiday where everyone can do as much or as little as they like.

They Get Our Kids

As a family with a child on the Spectrum, this is huge for me. I know that our children won’t be judged, but instead that they’ll understand. Because all staff onboard receive Autism training I know that things will go well no matter who they interact with. What’s more because the itinerary pops under your door the evening before – and is stuck to like clockwork – there is a ready made schedule, that quite literally works like a dream for  taking away the stress of the unknown.


When we first thought about cruising my biggest fear was losing Laura overboard. I needn’t have worried though, the Disney ships are totally set up to cater for young children. Children can happily wander around without fear of them ending up in the sea, and now Laura is older she happily wanders backwards and forwards around the ship independently without me even thinking about having a nervous breakdown.


If you have read my last Disney post, you’ll know that I think that the ships are quite simply the most magical places on Earth. And for us it is that Magic that means we are willing to pay a premium price for the holiday. The atmosphere is something that quite simply can’t be replicated anywhere else, after all where else would you get chance to hang out with Mickey and The Gang 24 hours a day and see some incredible sights to boot. 


Whenever I have to justify the cost of a relatively short stay to myself, I think back on our memories of previous years. The truth is we may only be onboard for between seven and fourteen nights, but the memories of those nights keep us going forever. We still talk with enormous joy about every single one of our trips, and it’s no word of a lie to say that some of our very best memories have been made on there.


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