How Can You Make Moving Home Easier For Children On The Spectrum?

As a child I always moved around, my mum got pleasure from making new houses feel like hers, and as an adult for various reasons I seem to have followed in her footsteps.

In the next couple of weeks (theoretically at least), we’ll be moving to our new home – so I thought I would share my top tips for preparing children (and young people) for the huge changes that bringing home brings:

Visit Your New Home As Regularly As You Can

Making sure your children feel comfortable in their new home can be a challenge, but starting the process before you move in can really help. The more they can envisage the space they will be living in, the easier it will be for them to get used to each other. Obviously too many internal visits are often difficult to organise, but even driving past and giving the house a friendly wave on route to school can make a big difference.

Reinforce That Their Things Will Be Coming With Them

Often children and young people worry that moving house will mean they have to leave their things behind, so spending time reassuring them that their things – whether that be their bed, clothes or toys – are coming too. For older children getting them to make a list can really help reassure them that nothing will get left behind.

Remind Them Of What Will Stay The Same

Often one change can cause children to wonder what other changes will be happening as well. So remember to talk about the things that will stay the same as well as the things that will be different. Reassure your child that school, who they will live with and their friends will all still be therefore them even though their house is changing.

Think About Packing

Having a sort out well in advance of the move will help to make things much less stressful nearer the time. With younger children leaving the actual packing of the room until the last minute can be really beneficial in order to minimise disruption. Whereas with older children involving them in the process can help them to alleviate their anxiety about things being left behind or their belongings becoming disordered.

The Move Itself

On moving day itself, the Other Half is in charge of the rest of the house whilst I set to work on the children’s rooms. My priority is that by the time the Bear gets home from school her room should look like her room. That way even though the rest of the house is in disorder she has a tranquil space she can escape to whenever she needs it.


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