Simple Strategies For Raising Self Esteem

Self esteem is something many of our children struggle with, and at this time of year as the dark nights pull in, it can be especially hard for them and us to keep positivity and self-belief high. Befow are a series of tips to help you do exactly that.

A Quick Note

Leave your child a quick note on their bed letting them know a reason you are proud of them, accompany it with a small chocolate or sweet treat. For those who find praise hard, receiving it discreetly often makes it easier to accept. 

A Reverse Advent Calendar 

Doing something for others is a great way to help young people people feel better about themeselvrs. There is nothing more effective at raising self esteem than knowing you have the power to make someone happy. It doesn’t have to be big or complex – a bar of chocolate left on a friend’s desk or a nice note written for their teacher – it’s the impact rather than the act that matters.

Think About A Mentor

Feeling like you are the only one who thinks like you is hard. Think about speaking to your child’s teachers (or paediatrician or psychologist) to see if they know of someone further along the journey who would check in with your child from time to time. Seeing that someone they have an affinity with being successful will help them to believe that they can be too. 

Make Goals

Just like us, young people often feel overwhelmed without a plan. Deciding one thing they want to improve at and coming up with a concrete plan to do so can give them the belief that they can be successful and make improvements to the areas of their life they are less confident in.

Be Honest About Your Own Insecurities

We all put on a mask, and it can sometimes feel to our children as though everyone other then them feels confident about every aspect of their lives. Talking to your children about your own insecurities will help them feel less alone and more incontrol.

Talk About How Far They Have Come

It can be easy in day to day life to forget what has already overcome. Leaving a note or having a conversation about things your child can do this year that they struggled with last year can really help focus their thoughts and remember just how far they have come.


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