Christmas Gift Guide For Children

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Ok, I admit it. I love Christmas. In fact I love everything about it. But as a Mum there is nothing like seeing your children’s faces as they open their presents on Christmas morning. This gift guide for Children contains just a few of the things that will be making their way under the tree at our house this December:

Ocean By Helene Druvert: £19.95

Without doubt one of the most visually stunning books I have I ever set eyes on, Ocean is a book guaranteed to woo even the most reluctant reader. With incredible laser cut images, flaps to lift and gorgeous illustrations it’s hard to imagine any child not being impressed when they find this on their pile on Christmas morning. And, do ‘t Worry this isn’t just a book that’s beautiful on the surface – it’s fantastic content will bring the Ocean alive, giving children both a greater interest and depth of knowledge into this fascinating subject.

Peppa Pig Puzzle Tray: £10

This lovely little Peppa Pig Puzzle Tray provides the perfect step up from simple one piece per hole insert puzzles. With chunky, easy to hold pieces and a shaped wooden outer it ensures children enjoy a high degree of success whilst challenging them to think about how pieces go together. With six different shapes to insert, this is a toy sure to delight any toddler on Christmas morning.

In The Night Garden Magnetic Set: £14

Ideal for little ones who love playing with stickers, and parents who don’t enjoy peeling them off their walls, this In The Night Garden Magnetic Set is the best of both worlds. Containing 15 playable magnets which can be used again and again on the provided background to make a multitude of pictures, it’s handy size make it an excellent choice for play both in and out of the home.

Portmeirion Peppa Pig 3 Piece Set – London: £19.99

If there is one singular programme that very few toddlers (and their parents) escape the clutches of, then it has to be Peppa Pig. Regular readers of the blog will know that I’m a big fan of incorporating Special Interests to make each day a little easier, so I immediately fell in love with this gorgeous Peppa Pig 3 Piece Set, with it’s perfect toddler sized pieces. Perfect for coaxing even the most reluctant of toddlers to the dinner table, the beauty of this set has to be seen to be appreciated.

William Bee’s Wonderful World Of Tractors And Farm Machines: £12.99

The level of detail in this fantastic book really has to be seen to be believed and is sure to delight tractor lovers young and old with its incredibly detailed images and captivating story of the important role tractors play in our lives. I love how the writer goes  right from the very first tractor, up to the multitude of uses tractors have today. The perfect gift for anychild with a fascination for tractors.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike: £34.99

The ultra light metal frame of this fantastic little balance bike make it the perfect choice for children between the ages of three and five. It’s height adjustable handle bars and seat mean it’s one toy that will definitely stand the test of time. If you want to promote an active lifestyle and get little ones away from screens this Christmas, you can’t go far wrong with this great balance bike.

Box Of Blocks: £33.00

This stunningly illustrated box set is the perfect way to introduce young children to letters, numbers and of course dinosaurs in a fun and stimulating way. A true feast for the eyes both for preschoolers and their parents. This is one set of books that will truly be enjoyed again and again. My personal favourite has to be Dinoblock. I love how child friendly doesn’t mean dumbing down. Instead real sinosaur names are used, and the fantastic illustrations make important dinosaur facts truly come to life.

ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle And Sleep Bag 2.5 tog – Mint Star: £39.99 And Joey Trackable Comforter: £24.99

An excellent choice for babies and toddlers who are beginning to wriggle out of their covers, ergoPouch swaddles and sleeping bags are made out of beautifully soft fabric and designed to meet the needs of children up to four years of age. Ideal both for nightly wear and for wearing on long car journeys because of their unique leg feature which allows children to be easily strapped into a car seat. Meanwhile Joey, their trackable comforter proves the perfect companion for young children. Made of out of eco-friendly bamboo and cotton, this little guy is also able to be paired with an iPhone, ensuring that even if he is left behind he will never be lost.

Ultimate Spotlight: Firefighters: £12.99

This fantastic interactive book is perfect for children who like to be involved in their books, rather than just read to. With 20 moveable parts and a huge pop up scene alongside beautiful illustrations, it’s sure to delight lovers of emergency vehicles and keep them engaged throughout. If you know someone with a passion for Fire Engines, this is a fantastic choice.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini: £79

The perfect gift for newborns (and their parents) this Christmas has to be the beautifully designed Baby Bjorn Mini. It’s a small, easy to use and gorgeously soft baby carrier that is guaranteed to make life easier during those early days when babies simply don’t want to be out down. Perfect for wearing both indoors and outdoors, I particularly love how the whole back section can be removed to allow you to easily remove sleeping babies without waking them.

AniMagic Woofles My Playful Puppy: £39.99

This gorgeous puppy can’t fail to be a big hit with any animal loving child. Not only is he lightweight and gorgeously tactile, but he really does behave like a real puppy (crucially minus the mess). He makes playful sounds, moves his head just like a real pup and can’t wait to play with his toy bone. If you’re being nagged for a puppy this Christmas, Woofles may well be the answer for busy families.

Buff Tipsy Blue Ink/Navy Junior Knitted Hat: £24.00 And Kneck Warmer: £25.75

If you’ve ever tried to keep a scarf wrapped around a toddler’s neck on a cold winter’s day you will love Buff’s cleverly designed kneck warmer. Think back to old style snoods, except far cooler. What’s more because of the internal full fleece lining it’s perfect for those who want protection from temperatures right down to minus ten. It’s matching knitted hat is the perfect accompaniment, and the combination will definitely help any child complete this winter in style.

Zycom C100 Mini Cruz Purple / Turquoise Scooter: £49.95

If you are looking for scooter that combines safety with style, you won’t go far wrong with the Zycom C100. Perfect for younger siblings who need the extra stability that its three wheels have to offer, but who desperately want to keep up with older children when it comes to speed. If older brothers and sisters are getting stunt scooters this year this is a great choice. Meanwhile the wide non-slip plastic deck and the quick stop break will help to reassure even the most safety conscious of parents.


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