What About When It’s Just Too Loud?

One of the most common complaints I hear both at school and at home, from my students and my children, is that there are some activities that are just too loud. The activities themselves might be something they would otherwise be really keen to take part in, but the noise levels prohibit their participation to the point that it becomes something to dread rather than something to enjoy.

Whilst obviously there are steps we can take to manage the external noise levels some of the time, there are times especially at big events when – as much as we would like it to be – that simply isn’t possible.

So as parents and teachers what can we do to help?

Ear Defenders

Ear defenders are the most traditional route of support, and are great for young children or those who are less conscious of the opinions of their peers. They block out loud noises, yet still allow a child to communicate effectively with someone talking to them. There are no batteries or wires to contend with, and at less than £20 a pair they are an affordable option both for parents and schools.


Headphones can provide a great option for those who find that one singular noise is easier to handle than a multitude of smaller ones. These can be especially useful at times when students are completing extended pieces of written work (and therefore don’t have to engage with others) or when they are out and about and siblings are being noisy in the car. Coming in at a wide tinge of budgets, headphones can be as affordable or as cool as needed, and can be a good solution for those who feel that they are too old for ear defenders.

Wireless Ear Plugs

The most discrete option for blocking out noise has to be wireless earplugs. With no wires in site, and fitting snuggly in the ear, these can be a good option for those that don’t want their peers to know that they are struggling. For those with longer hair these are particularly easy to disguise. A more expensive option than the two previous ones, these work best for older children who will take care of them well. For those that need them regularly choosing ones with a case that charges them as pictured above is a useful feature which can prevent upset.

Disclosure: The wireplugs ear plugs featured in this post were gifted to us. All opinions within the post are my own.


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