A Guide To Educational Gifts For Children

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Ok, I admit it. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but it is much harder to take the classroom out of the teacher. And even at home I like to make sure we incorporate educational activities. So here is a guide to some of my favourite educational gifts currently on the market:

The Curious Crime, Hunt with Newton and Rocky Road to Galileo By Julia Golding

Whether it’s fact or fiction you are looking for Julia Golding has you covered. Ideal for children who love to explore different times and ideas, these books will open up their imaginations and give them an age appropriate grounding in some of the greatest scientists of our time. Her newest book ‘The Curious Crime’ – though a novel – sticks firmly to her science theme as her heroine Ree encounters the unfairness that comes with being in a girl in the male dominated world of science… not that that stops her in her quest to solve the mysteries she is confronted with…

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Myth: £39.99

I have to admit that one thing I think is really important for all children is a view of the world which extends beyond their own experiences. Oregon’s Scientific Smart Globe Myth is the perfect way to do this. The Earth by day and 88 constellations by night, it’s a toy that will literally transport your child out of their world. Add to that the fact that children can listen to Fairy Tales, Zodiac Stories and Earth Facts at a touch of a button, and access further information about animals, landmarks, dinosaurs and the weather via a smart phone or tablet and the possibilities really are limitless.

Top Quarkz Science Trumps For Superheroes By The Remarkablz: £9.95

Anything that equate science to superhero status has to be a good move in my book, so this fantastic card game was an easy choice. What I especially love about this fabulous idea (even more than the fact that it makes science cool), is that each of the cards is based on a real life scientist, meaning that whilst children are having fun challenging their friends they are subconsciously also learning about some of the greatest scientists (and their discoveries) that have ever lived.

Okido Magazine: £50/ Year

I love companies that think of inventive ways to get children to read. Research shows that children who read regularly perform better not only in education but in later life as well. But the reality is, that some children struggle to access full books. Either because they are more drawn to fact than fiction, or because holding their attention for that long is simply too hard. Okido is the perfect solution. At the heart of these magazines is the fact that every child has the ability to be a creative scientist. Filled with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) learning and pitched perfectly at children between the ages of three and six years old, this magazine subscription is well worth considering for parents looking to enthuse their children about learning.

Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set: £17.99

With my teacher head on, I know just how hard the concept of time can be to grasp for many children and young people. And it’s not unusual – even for those who can tell the time – for children to struggle to differentiate between one length of time and another. Tiger Tribe Beat The Clock Stopwatch Set (please search your area for stockists via the link) is the perfect way to introduce and practice the concept of time, whilst having fun. From activities such as keeping balloons in the air, running around the block, and setting the table, these fun time-based activities are guaranteed to entertain children for hours – they’ll never even realise just how much they are leaning. Even better it’s game that can be played either alone or with friends.

Jofli: The Journey Of Life Bear: £40

I’m going to be honest. This is one gift that I absolutely love. I love taking photographs, I love making memories, and yes I admit it, I also love bears. Jofli combines all of these beautifully. Designed especially for children to take on adventures and coming complete with Jofli’s very own Backpack, complete with shoulder strap for your child to carry him around as well as a Logbook, Storybook, Pen and Online ID card to upload pictures to your child’s personal map – Jofli is a gift which will not only give hours of pleasure now but long into the future.

Draw Your Big Idea: £14.99

The perfect gift for tweens and teens with big ideas. Perhaps they are beginning a new school project, or maybe they have a business idea you want to encourage, if so Draw Your Big Idea will talk them through the process of beginning and seeing through their big ideas to completion. Even better, because this is a planning book aimed at the adult market, they won’t feel babied during the process. A great gift for parents looking to inspire their children to believe in themselves this Christmas.

A Few Minutes Of Design: £17.99

Are you fed up of hearing – ‘I’m bored – the words universally dreaded by parents worldwide? If so this fantastic pack of cards is the perfect stocking filler for your child this Christmas. Filled with 52 ideas to spark their creativity, which they can either complete alone or challenge friends and familiy to see who truly is the most creative. The perfect gift to encourage children to think outside the box and get adults using parts of their brain that have long lain forgotten.

Botley The Coding Robot: £59 And Action Challenge Activity Set: £15

Botley truly is a work of genius. For any parent looking to introduce coding whilst simultaneously encouraging their child to spend a little less time in front of a screen. Perfect for children aged five plus, Botley can be programmed using an easy to use remote programmer with a series of up to 80 steps. Actions can include a variety of different moves: forward (one step at a time), turn left, turn right, reverse (one step at a time), object detection and object avoidance. They can also programme Botley to make a sound. Add in his fabulous Action Challenge Activity Set and there really is no end to what Botley can do. The interactive 40 piece set really does have e erythropoietin g children need to create a series of STEM challenges for their new best friend.


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