What If Nothing Seems To Be Working?

Sometimes we all have those days when we wonder whether or not we are on the right path. There are often days (or even weeks) when nothing seems to be working and we wonder what on Earth we can change.

If you are feeling that way, what can you do?

Keep Positive

If you are feeling positive and in control, things are much more likely to get back in track more quickly. So at the end of each day, no matter how tough things have been I want you to sit back and think of a positive. Something (however small) that has gone right. Focusing on what is going right, as well as what could be better will help you remember how far your child has come and keep you feeling positive about the future.

Identify Triggers

Use tracking sheets to identify triggers, and understand the reasons behind the challenges. Looking for the little things will make a big difference. When you think ‘nothing is working’ it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as though you don’t know what to try next. If you break things down into their smaller components it’s much easier to see a way forward and to explain to professionals exactly what your child is finding hard.

Don’t Dismiss The Sensory

If you can’t figure out the triggers, make sure you check out the sensory impact on your child. Often if your child is struggling to articulate what is upsetting them, sensory factors are playing a significant part – often building up gradually and stacking one on top of another until they can no longer cope. Take a look at this post for suggestions about how schools can help reduce sensory overwhelm.

Work On One Thing At Once

Once you understand your child’s triggers, choose just one small element at a time to work on. So for example, instead of working on anxiety as a whole take one element of your child’s anxieties and help them to develop strategies that will help. Although it’s tempting to tackle the biggest anxiety first, you will often have more success opting for a smaller one first to give them a chance to experience how successful the strategies you choose can be, gradually working your way towards the tougher areas.


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If you do want to learn more you might find our autism section a useful place to start. It’s full of different strategies to try out.

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