So Why Do We Love RHS Harlow Carr?

One of our favourite places to visit for a day out is RHS Harlow Carr. A combination of the stunning surroundings, Betty’s hot chocolate and lots to explore means that no matter how often we go we always have a wonderful time.

So Why Do We Love It So Much?

The play areas, really inspire creative play. Whether it’s sailing away in a boat, hiding in the tree house or escaping from the maze, there is definitely something for children off all ages to enjoy.

The flowers are stunning, pretty much year round. Both the Bear and I love walking around taking photographs, and it’s the perfect place to get beautiful natural shots of the children.

It has not just one but two Betty’s. I mean need I say more? Whether you’re looking to try Brown Bread cream in the summer or utterly delicious hot chocolate in the winter, this is the place to do it.

There are multiple different routes round, which means there is always something new to discover. Even though we have been visiting for over three years I discover something new every single time we visit.

It is the perfect place to take children for a play date, because not only is exploring great fun but there are no roads to lose them on, which makes it stress free for children and parents alive.

There are chickens – which in the opinion of the Lion makes it just about his favourite place in the world – don’t worry he’s tamer than he sounds.

It is always peaceful. No matter how stressful real life gets, the inside of Harlow Carr is always a relaxing place to be.

How About From An Autism Point Of View?

No matter how busy the car parks look, the beauty of Harlow Carr is that once you are inside it never feels busy. There is plenty of space for everyone to have a lovely time. It’s one of the main reasons we continue our membership each year. Even during the school holidays we know it’s one trip guaranteed to be a success.

It’s a great place to encourage independence in a relatively secure environment. The lack of traffic and chaos mean that it’s much easier to give more freedom than may be usually possible.

What Would We Change?

It’s definitely somewhere to visit in dry weather as there aren’t many undercover areas. That said, the wood chippings along all of the paths mean that even if there has been recent rain a visit is not a problem.

Very niche, but worth knowing for some is that the sorbet contains dairy. It’s a small thing but when we were dairy and soya free this used to drive my crazy.

Will We Be Visiting Again?

Without a doubt. We usually visit at least once a month and I can’t see that changing anytime in the near future


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