It’s OK To Take Time For You!

As parents and teachers, if there is one thing we are terrible at, it has to be taking care of ourselves. We run around, organising meetings, looking after our children and rarely if ever stop to think about the impact that that has on us, and our health – both physically and mentally.

And the truth is over the long term that takes its toll.

When we are exhausted we don’t parent properly and we don’t teach properly. In fact the combination of sleep deprivation and the stress of trying to juggle the multiple appointments and needs of our children can often mean that it is hard to do anything well.

I wonder therefore if we reframe how we think about looking after ourselves whether it will make it easier – more acceptable for us to do so?

If we recognise that taking care of ourselves makes us better parents, better teachers, better people – quite simply because it gives us the energy to be calm, to be proactive and to be present.

Will it make us more likely to take the time?

If we recognise that taking care of ourselves is the biggest single step we can make towards enabling our children, the biggest single step we can make towards stopping firefighting and taking action.

Will it stop us feeling guilty?

Because the truth is every word is true.

You matter.

Your health matters.

Not only for you, but for your children.

And it’s time to take action. Right now. Today.

So choose one thing to do for you. And do it. Right now.

I promise it will make a difference.


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