A Review Of The Lightweight H-Free Cordless Hoover – Pets Edition

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We’ve been talking about treating ourselves to a cordless vacuum for a while, with a very active (and messy) toddler in the house we were keen to have something that we could pull out of the cupboard and use right away, preferably before any further destruction is caused.

So What Do We Love About Hoover’s H-Free? 

In pole position, has to be its sound. It is much quieter than our normal vacuum cleaner, and with two children who are both noise sensitive that is a definite plus factor. In fact it’s so quiet, I would even be happy to hoover during nap time, without worrying about waking the youngest.

With up to 25 minutes cordless running time, it’s enough to do a quick dash round the whole of the downstairs of the house, or to pop outside and hoover the car. Because of the positioning of our drive, being able to hoover the car cordlessly is a definite advantage, and the H-Free’s great range of tools mean it’s easy to get in all the nooks and crannies.

It’s lightweight and easy to steer, in fact so much so that we’ve already discussed buying another one for my grandad for Christmas. I know we’ll all worry less if he isn’t lugging his old vacuum cleaner up and down stairs.

The price. The H-Free is priced affordably, and even for families like us who like having the combination of a larger corded vacuum in addition, it doesn’t feel like an extravagance.

Its cleaning power. You could easily be fooled by the quiet volume levels that the H-Free isn’t cleaning powerfully. You would however, very definitely be wrong. We have been really impressed by just how well and efficiently it picks up household dirt.

What Would We Change About Hoover’s H-Free?

Honestly, we’ve been pretty impressed. But if I was granted one wish it would probably be for a longer cordless hoovering time. Not out of necessity, just because I know that it’s all too easy to forget to pop something on charge, even when you know you really should.

Who Would We Recommend The Hoover H-Free To?

This is a great buy for anyone looking for a cordless vacuum, whether you want something to dash around with quickly, a hoover you can manage whilst simultaneously carrying a baby in your other arm, or if health reasons are stopping you carrying a larger model around.

In Summary

This is a product definitely worth considering if you are on the hunt for your perfect vacuum cleaner, and will especially be appreciated by those who need their vacuum to fit into a small space whilst being stored.


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