Top Tips For Keeping Your Child Healthy This Term – With Sambucol

*This post is a collaborative post with Sambucol.

With the pressure of the new school term over, and the Bear settled well in school, my mind is constantly ticking over about ways to ensure that things stay that way.

As the weather draws colder and schools crank up the central heating, it’s inevitable that the germs start to spread. The sniffles abound, and with them the frustration of staff and students alike – all trying to get on with the business of teaching and learning – despite feeling ill.

The Bear hates to miss school. She also, like many young people on the Spectrum, is less than keen on germs.

So this year we are armed with a toolkit of strategies to try to keep anxiety levels of bay, and everyone feeling healthy for as long as possible.

So how do we plan to help Mother Nature along?


Right at the top of our strategy list is Sambucol, an immune support liquid, which quite frankly tastes delicious. What’s more as the range has products suitable for the whole family, we’re all involved which definitely helps to encourage the children to take theirs. Designed by a world renowned scientist, it harnesses the properties of Black Elderberries, Vitamin C and Zinc. And since Black Elderberries have more than 50% over the antioxidant properties of cranberries, this is a liquid which definitely packs a punch.

Anti Bacterial Gel

Next is anti bacterial gel. We all know how busy the school day can be, especially for those young people at secondary school. Once you lose your friends it can be hard to find them – and let’s face it nipping to the bathroom to wash your hands before lunch, isn’t such a cool thing to do. A small pot of anti bacterial gel inside a school bag, is easier quicker and much more likely to be used.

Rest and Sleep

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is important, especially this term as the nights draw in, and we’re all making sure we do exactly that. Knowing during the week it can be hard for the Bear to fall asleep, we’ve scheduled lazy Sundays – perfect for catching up on sleep and chilling out in PJs on the sofas, to give all of our immune systems a chance to fight whatever comes along to challenge them.


A packet of lovely soft tissues, perfect for sharing with friends, helps to keep germs at bay should they appear. We know the Bear likes a strategy, and that seeing others not containing their germs is stressful for her. This way she can kindly offer a tissue if needed, stopping the spread of germs along the way.

How does your family keep healthy this term? Why not let us know.


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