A Review Of Sphero SPRK+

*This post contains PR samples.

The Bear started secondary school in September, therefore this year’s birthday present was a bit of a done deal. Living quite remotely she hasn’t had much freedoms to wander around with friends, so secondary school has brought with it, not only academic change but social change as well.

So whilst she was delighted with her eleventh birthday present, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it’s a gift that is as much for my benefit as hers. She was ready to make the step up to secondary school, but if I’m honest I’m not sure I ever will be.

So far her new phone has been used primarily to give her Great Grandad an education in emojis, and me updates about her daily routine whilst at her dads. With that in mind, I was thrilled when we were offered a Sphero SPRK+ for her to test out.

As a Mum and as a teacher, I know how important new technology is – and anything that inspires her to engage with that has to be a good thing in my book!

So what do we love about Sphero SPRK+?

It really is totally customisable, from the colour of its lights inside to the speed in which it travels.

It is large enough not to get easily lost, but small enough not to take up lots of storage space.

You can create your own programmes for SPRK+ using your mobile device, meaning every time you play the experience is different.

What’s more, if you decide to change the programme at any point, modifications are easy to make, which makes it really hard for fear of failure to kick in.

The different modes make this easy enough for relatively young children e.g. draw a picture with your finger on the app and SPRK+ will follow that path on the floor, to inserting a series of programming directions – sure to keep even the most tech savvy tween engaged.

It is easy to operate and frustration free, with no help needed for me the Bear was easily able to figure out how to operate the device. In fact there have been few gifts that have excited her quite so much.

It can go in water! Yes really. We’re dying to get to the beach so we can test it in a bigger space, but we’ve been pretty impressed by what it can accomplish in the bath!

It’s pretty hard to damage – we’ve been careful with but it has had the odd crash when distances have been misjudged and has escaped totally scratch free.

Despite the eight years between my two they love playing with SPRK+ together. The Bear creates the programme, whilst the Lion positions himself as an obstacle around which it must be directed and shrieks with delight as SPRK+ zooms past him. It’s a game they have both grown to love.

Who Would We Recommend SPRK+ To?

If you have a tech loving tween or teen this really is going to be a sure fire hit. In fact never mind the tweens and teens, gadget loving adults are also going to be wowed by the possibilities. I already know that as soon as my baby (now 31) brother claps eyes on this it’s going straight to the top of his Christmas list.

In Summary?

The Bear does not give away her excitement easily but the SPRK+ has been a massive hit. Had I known how much she would love it, I would without a doubt have bought one for her earlier.

I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough, for versatility, playability, use of technology in a positive way and for sheer fun. This is a product that has become a fast favourite in our house and it one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others.


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