Eight Completely Free Ways To Show Your Child You Appreciate Them

As much as I love reward systems, the truth is that for some children and young people material objects can cause more anxiety than they do pleasure. 

At this time of year with school uniforms to buy and Christmas (yes I have just said the word) just around the corner, money saving ideas are always welcome so I thought I’d share with you ten easy ways you can create cost free rewards.

Family movie night

Give the gift of time, tell your child that on Friday nights they can choose the movie and you’ll make the popcorn. Sit, snuggle, enjoy each other’s company and let your child know you are proud of their choices in the week gone by. 

A later bedtime

There is nothing more guaranteed to please any child than telling them they can stay up later than usual. It makes them feel more grown up and is a great way to reward them for using grown up choices throughout the day. 

A yes hour

A yes hour is my personal favourite. It means for a whole hour your child gets to set the agenda. As long as it is cost free, doesn’t hurt anyone and complete within the hour, your job is just to say a straightforward yes. 

A PJ day

The summer holidays is the perfect time to invoke this popular reward. A whole day without any pressure to get dressed, sit in your PJs and relax. Why not join in with them and take the opportunity to have a relaxing day yourself.

Extra tech time

A guaranteed winner with tweens and teens, there is little that speaks to their hearts more than extra time with their favourite device. So if yours deserves a treat this is a reward which will make their day without breaking the bank. 

A trip to the park

For younger children there are few things more exciting than a trip to the local park. From slides and swings to open spaces to run in freely, it’s a heady mix. The perfect way to reward them for things they find hard and to tire them out so that you get a few minutes to breathe once you get home. 

A pamper hour

Whether it’s face masks or painted nails there is nothing more guaranteed to make girls young or old feel more special than a little TLC. Share some time together, treat each other and look silly together. It’s not only a fantastic reward nut a great way of making memories. 

The gift of time

Spend time together, baking a cake, talking about your child’s special interest or even watching TV whilst having a hug. All too often we rush around like headless chickens, and this is one reward that children will remember for years to come


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