Raising Self Esteem: A Mission For Us All

Self esteem is a fragile beast. Even as adults we spend a lot of our time thinking that we aren’t good enough, could do more, or are generally just getting things wrong.

And the reality is that feeling good about yourself matters.

We all know the difference it makes when we truly believe we can do things. When we set our mind to it, dig our heels in and decide to show the world it is possible.

Self belief is important.

It’s why I started the #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL movement, to show our children that they are incredible, exactly as they are! That they can be whoever they want to be, that they can follow their dreams, that they can be successful their way.

The diagnosis process is brutal. Every time we sit in front of a professional and describe our child’s struggles, or we stand on the other end of a phone begging for access to services, explaining why our child needs them has an impact on us and on them. 

And the truth is we have to be honest about those struggles, with our children and with professionals.

But we also need to counteract that. We need to spend time focusing on the positives. Remind our children how wonderful they are, tell them what they are good and and focus on their strengths.

And we need to do that overtly. In the same way that we spend time worrying about their struggles we need to spend time allowing them to excel and showing them we recognise it. 

Whether that is praising them for being the best at Fortnite, celebrating a building they have created on a Minecraft or rewarding the efforts they have made to be kind to siblings.

The reality is we all spend more time focusing on the things that our children find hard, than on the things they find easy. It’s human nature.

And sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to feel as though you can do anything else.

So that’s where #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL: The Club comes in, a monthly letter sent straight to your door and addressed to your child.

A monthly letter and gift that reminds you and they to focus on the positives and that gives them the strategies to do that, not only on the day their letter arrives but every day. 

It isn’t a magic wand, but it is the next best thing.

Self esteem matters, self belief matters, our children matter.

Together we can make sure they realise that they truly are #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL.

Click here for more details.


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