Strategies For Those Starting To Worry About The Return To School?

At this time of the year – midway through the summer holidays for those of you in England, and closer yet for those of you in Scotland or the States – our minds inevitably start to wander to the return to school.

Even for those of us, whose children enjoy school, the return after the summer holidays is often a stressful one. It brings with it more changes than at any time of year. And the anticipation of that can make these last few weeks challenging ones for many.

So What Can You Do To Help?

Keep Positive

…Yes even when you don’t feel it. Make sure you spend time focusing on the positives of going back to school. Even if those feel small, talking about them will have an impact. It might be the chance to join a new club, try out a new lesson, or see a preferred member of staff. Whatever it is emphasise it whenever you can.

Focus On What Is Staying The Same

Whether it’s reminding your child that they will still be sleeping in the same bed, reassuring they will stick have the same packed lunch or talking through the fact that their Xbox will still be in the same place when they get home, reminding your child of what won’t be changing is important. It allows them to hold onto the familiarity of the things they enjoy in times where a lot seems uncertain.

Talk About School During Special Interest Related Conversations

The more links you can find between school and your child’s special interest the more you will help them to build connections. Between the two. The endorphins released whilst thinking about their special interest will therefore help them to relax about returning to school. Whether that’s talking about ICT lessons to a gamer, art lessons to a lover of Manga, or food technology class to those who love Masterchef finding links and benefits really will make a difference. 

Get To The Bottom Of The Specifics

All too often school becomes a huge source of anxiety without anyone ever really knowing why. Try to open up conversations which help you define which parts of school make your child anxious. Once you know what the issues are you can set about on a mission to solve those worries one by one. 

Come Up With A Plan

Everyone copes better with things when they have a plan. Once you know what’s worrying your child sit with them and make a step by step plan for how to make those worries smaller. Whether that’s spending time practicing how to tell a teacher they have forgotten their P.E. kit or talking time to talk through different ways they can start conversations with other young people.

Join Our Free Back To School Challenge

We all know the final week before school goes back can be stressful. So this year turn it on it’s head. Starting on the 27th of August our free challenge will help you and your child celebrate the week, reduce anxiety levels and put new schedules into place ready for school to start. You don’t have to do this alone. Sign up here to take part. 


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