A Review Of The Yvonne Ellen Collection By Wax Lyrical

A Review Of The Yvonne Ellen Collection By Wax Lyrical

If there is one piece of luxury that I love, it has to be candles. I love nothing more than walking into the living room and enjoying their welcoming scent. Amidst a sea of toys, children’s clothes and the general chaos of family life, candles remind me that behind the mum is still a woman.

And we all need a little something to remind us of who we are, right?

So What Do We Love About The Yvonne Ellen Collection?

Top of the list, has to of course be their stunning scents. With four distinct aromas, it’s hard to choose my favourite, but despite that I have. For me Exotic Fig comes out on top. It manages to be warm and yet fresh at the same time, and I know it’s going to be a candle that I come back to time and time again.

I love the British element. Yvonne believes strongly in British design. And as someone with family living in Spain, we’re always on the lookout for truly British products to send over as gifts, so these will be a fantastic solution. High quality, stunningly presented and British through and through.

The glass jars… yes I admit it. I am the the kind of person who will buy something just because she falls in love with the packaging. And the candle jars are stunning, exactly the right sort of feel for our traditional home.

The fact that there are reed diffusers in the range as well as candles. Our little man is somewhat adventurous… so during the day these are a much safer way for us to add a little bit of grown up essence into our lives.

The time they last for. Wax Lyrical candles always burn beautifully and these really are no exception. They burn evenly and last well, meaning I get to smell them for longer which has to be a very good thing.

What Would We Change About The Yvonne Ellen Collection?

Honestly, hardly anything at all. I’d love to see the gift set include all four fragrances, but I guess that’s really just me being a little bit greedy.

So Who Would I Recommend The Yvonne Ellen Collection To?

These products can’t fail to delight anyone who loves beautiful scents. Whether you are a candle lover or a user of reed diffusers you won’t be disappointed. They would also make a beautiful gift to give to any friend or family member.


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