Dear Autism Families


Last week I published a post entitled Dear Mums.

Maybe I was wrong.

You see the reason I entitled it so, was because I am a mum. A mum who talks each day to other mums. A mum who has a pretty good handle on the worries of other mums.

But what about the Dads?

So often silent on sites and forums. They too have worries. Their role every bit as important as ours. Yet it often goes unknowleged.

And I am guilty of that.

Not because I don’t recognise the role they play, but because I’m not sure I’m qualified to know how they think, and feel. Because I worry that by speaking for all, I diminish thoughts and feelings that may be different to my own.

Today I want to do something slightly different, today’s post is for the dads, the grandparents, the siblings, the step parents and the friends.

Integral parts of our lives and our children’s. 

Groups so often missed in posts like mine. 

People who help make our children the #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL individuals they are growing up to be. 

So to the Dads, I say this to you. 

Things will not always be as complicated as they are right now. One day you will have time to sit and smell the roses. One day life will not be a battle. And most important one day you will look back and wonder why you worried quite so much.

Because your child will be #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUl.

To the Grandparents, I say this to you.

Know you matter. Not only to your grandchildren, but to your children too. Know your support and understanding in invaluable. Every bit of research you do, every step to understanding more, every time you provide a much needed shoulder – you are appreciated. One days things will be easier than they are right now.

Because your Grandchild will be #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL.

To the Siblings, I say this to you.

Know that you are loved, by your parents and by your sibling. I know life isn’t always easy and that sometimes you have to give up a lot. But know that it won’t always be this way. One day you’ll look back and be thankful for the times you laughed and played. You will always be special. Everything you give will be worth it.

Because YOU and your sibling will both be #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL.

To the Step-parents, I say this to you.

You take on our children, knowing that life will always be different. You support not only them but us. You treat them as your own. Know that is appreciated more than we can ever say. Know every day you make us proud. Know how important your role is.

You help us make our children #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL.

To the friends, I say this to you.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our children. Thank you for the times you put your own wants and needs aside in favour of theirs. Thank you for seeing the real them, the one many people never take the time to discover.

You make our children want to be #UNIQUEANDSUCCESSFUL.

Thank you, every single one of you. Know and never forget how important you are.

Together anything is possible.

Much love

Victoria x


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