An End Of Term Letter To Every Autism Mum


An End Of Term Letter To Every Autism Mum

Dear Mum,

I know right now things are hard. You look around you and feel as if all those steps, those breakthroughs, those moments you have battled so hard for seem to have gone. Anxiety levels are high, uncertainty abounds.

Days are hard. Evenings harder.

Worries swish around. Theirs. And yours.

Tempers fray. 

The ever pressing questions niggle – ‘What will next year bring?’ ‘Will next year’s teacher understand?’ ‘How will we get through the holidays if these anxiety levels remain?’ – and lastly the worst one of all, so silent it’s almost a whisper ‘What am I doing wrong?’

I am there. 

With my mum head on I stand in your shoes. I hope, I pray, I wonder. I wish I could wave my own wand and make it guarantee a smooth transition. 

I wonder if I’m doing enough. 

Perhaps I should do more. Should I fight harder?

But then the teacher in me kicks in. I breathe, I look around, I remember. 

I am not alone. I can do this. We can get through. 

The end of term is hard. Oh so hard. But that doesn’t mean we have lost. The skills, the resilience, the strategies we have worked on this year – they are all still there. They will come back.

The beauty within will shine through.

In just three short weeks, we’ll look back. We’ll be in a different place. Demands will have lessened, the pressure relaxed.

Life will once again take a more peaceful shape.

And yours will too.

You see this time of year, it doesn’t reflect how far you’ve come. It doesn’t reflect who you are, who your child is or what their future will bring.

Instead it’s a blip on the horizon. One we can sail on through. Together. Knowing that just over the horizon peace will reign.

You can do this.

I know you can.

How do I know?

Because so can I.

One day at a time, one hour, one minute, one second.

Together we’ll get there. 

Because together we can.

Love Always 

Victoria x


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