A Review Of Hape’s Switchback Racetrack

A Review Of Hape's Switchback Racetrack

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It’s no secret that I am a lover of wooden toys. If my house (and more specifically my living room) is going to be taken over by toys, it’s always a bonus if they are toys I actually want to look at.

So What Do We Love About Hape’s Switchback Racetrack?

Hape’s Switchback Racetrack is a perfect example of a truly beautiful toy. Made out of high quality wood, and coloured classically, this is a toy that even the most house proud parent would be proud to receive.

It doesn’t just look good though; this well made toy is sturdy enough to withstand play by the most rambunctious of toddlers… and yes even puppies… (Nothing is sacred in our house at the moment)

I love how Hape have really created a toy that enables collaborative play (though admittedly I’m more they realised just what a good playmate a puppy can make). With two tracks all the way down, toddlers can easily play side by side, each with their own car at their own speed. Whilst slightly older children can enjoy setting their cars off at the same time and seeing whose is fastest down the track.

Unlike many other toys that the Lion owns this is one that genuinely allows for independent play. The cars are easy to place on the track, and even though he sometimes forgets to put them on the top level that doesn’t impact on his enjoyment at all. Wherever he places them on the track it works equally well, and much fun is had by all.

Yes ok, I admit it… especially by the puppy…

And it isn’t only the puppy who likes to steal the cars and take them off to play with. The Lion loves to carry them around too, pushing them backwards and forwards to his sister and loving every minute.

What Would We Change About Hape’s Switchback Racetrack?

I love the ease of the track to use, but somewhere at the bottom to store the cars would be fantastic. That would mean that everything could be kept together and I’d worry much less about the cars going missing.

So Who Would We Recommend The Hape Switchback Racetrack To?

The Switchback Racetrack would make a fantastic gift for any toddler who loves cars, but will be especially enjoyed by those with siblings (or puppies) who want to join in the fun. It’s a toy that promotes independence and collaboration in one fail swoop, and one that I know will be a big hit here for many years to come.


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