Photography And New Phones With Three Mobile

This time last week I was in London, and I have to confess I had a ball!

Despite my usual night before reservations, about whether everything would really go to plan, the trains would run on time and I’d cope with the technology of the new handsets we were planning to play with. I was excited about the adventure – and especially the chance to get some photography tips of a professional.

Once we arrived, I knew I’d been right to be excited.

I met a group of really inspiring bloggers. everyone was equally passionate about learning to take photographs and of course the fantastic team from Three.

The handsets were handed out and I was allocated an iPhone X. A phone that I was more than a little excited to try out. The difference in camera quality to my current iPhone was significant. And I particularly loved that it meant that if I used the portrait mode I could take photographs with blur in the background. It’s an effect I can get easily on my big camera, but one I’ve only rarely achieved before on a phone so I was really pleased with the ease this was achievable with.

As I rarely get the chance to explore London, and even less so without children in tow, it was really interesting to explore areas I’d never seen before.

The Maltby Street Market, was an incredible array of sights and smells. A true food photographer’s paradise, and one I would definitely be keen to visit again with an empty stomach! We were given a lesson on angles and I think it’s safe to say that by the end of our walk through the market, we not only had wearing mouths but a new outlook on angles.

Those using the Samsung S9 phones sang the praises of their cameras highly.

But for me I know however much I would love the additional control of my photos when on the move, having the compatibility the the X offers to my other devices is too valuable to me.

Especially as, the photos it’s capable of are still pretty remarkable by mobile standards.

I had my first trip across London Bridge and loved the walk by the river, where I reverted to form and took the opportunity to snap some pictures of flowers, whilst getting expert advice in the process.

Not being used to having so many people around whilst I take my photos, it was quite an experience trying to avoid getting the unwanted crowds in my photographs. But luckily once again help was at hand, and I loved the challenge of really having to think creatively about the angle I was using in order to get a good shot.

Even for a self confessed technical numpty like me, the phone and camera were easy to operate.

There were slight differences to my current iPhone, especially around the lack of a button at the bottom, and how to turn the phone on and off. But these were easy to get used to, and I loved that it enables the phone to have a bigger screen without vastly increasing the overall size.

So when I upgrade will it be the X?

Honestly, I need to experiment a little more. The camera quality is definitely superior so for me the next task will be to assess whether the rest of the phone is worth the extra cost from a standard iPhone.

…OK yes I admit it, the photographer in me is hoping that it will be…

N.B. Three invited us to London in return for a blog post, however all opinions both about the day itself and the phones are my own.


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